Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
An utterly generic oscar-bait think of the children sappy claymation film, which barely warrants being in the kinematographic medium.

The movie treats the foster home as something positive, while it’s just a barrack without a speck of privacy with jail hierarchy and unchecked disrespect to the authorities, which is never discouraged by the staff. Which doesn’t seem to be really interested in what kids think anyway. And so called romance between kids, which is more akin to sexual harassment, became illegal anyway, since law is now treats them as relatives. Well, not all laws, but most countries are strictly forbid such relations and treat foster people as blood related. Yes, his advances did work out this time, but what if she was against it while he read her personal file and touched her in her sleep? Which is happened in the same space where there already lives a girl who is possibly been unconsentedly molested by her father. What if he decided to kiss her in her sleep and fright her to complete mental breakdown? As i said, this foster home is a part of the system, which turns people into criminals. Spend childhood in foster home barrack; got conscripted into military barrack; lived in the dorm during education; had to rent a room in the communal apartment; got a job in the open space office; married some chick and has to live in the tiny flat with her ten relatives; died without ever discovering privacy, personal space or ownership, and therefore spent whole life without any respect to those things of other people.
What purpose it serves to put kids into the barrack? They have money to visit an expensive snow resort, but they cannot afford some drywall or at least make cubicles? If they just have to have surveillance (which they don’t do anyway even with barracks) it’s very cheap to have monitoring and several cameras.
All those think of the children products are always end up being absolutely creepy and about harmful decisions depicted as good ones.

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