Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A sequel to the critically acclaimed (58\100) animated movie Turbo (2013).

An utterly generic movie with rather ugly characters and art-style in general, which actively tries to avoid showing the colourful stuff it teases you with in the backgrounds. Get ready to see everything boring, dull and mediocre and uncomfortably uncanny textures on people. I can’t even decide what is more unpleasant — live characters or skeletons, which are supposed to be awesome and the best part of the whole film.

The plot (or rather holes which is all that left of it) is predictable, stale and tryhard. And of course there is a retarded “comic relief” unfunny sidekick. All narrative and pacing are sacrificed to have heavy spoken exposition dumps, with the knowledge, characters are already supposed to have.

All moment to moment writing and all narrative are utterly amerikan United-states-anglo-saxon. Well, what else you can expect from a writing team of exclusively anglo-saxon caucasian citizen of the USA?
The original VO cast is mostly of so-called “latino” origins, but alas, i saw this film with localization and as always it was atrocious.

The mexican afterlife is just as bad as real one, it has corruption, bureaucracy and class struggle. Even the oblivion looks stale. What’s the appeal of the afterlife, if you will continue to be a small worm and has to work on a job.

The only visually interesting thing is the deus ex machina winged tiger, who is also tonally depicted as a fearsome antagonist. Well, the whole roster of characters is filled unlikable jerks, caring only for their own agendas and pretending otherwise.

The Book of Life is generic and mostly dumb, but at least it looks like the best animated film ever made (for the most part). This is just bad and generic. Almost all recent above bad Disney\Pixar releases are “critically” panned, while cheap sloppy sappy pathetic plot-hole ridden oscar-baits are getting all the praise. Brave was nice.

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