Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
I accidentally stumbled upon this story when i still read translations from english and i found it really interesting, but all i remembered from it was the ring and the conclusion. Recently i read the first book and it was exceptional. In it’s core it’s like a road movie, but where nothing much happens and there is a lot of talking. In its sequel there is a lot of bonking. And strangely, for a book with so much bonking outside of the finale, it’s extremely puritan and avoids anal, oral, gay and group bonking, when those things would really solve some minor problems. It’s not like it makes the story worse, but in >>the current year the lack of free-for-all bonking is rather noticeable.

This book focuses more on technicalities, events and drama, and it was written somewhat reluctantly so it feels less grandiose than the first one, despite using more resources: more characters, more events, more happenings. It’s still really good, but doesn’t reach that level of constant huge revelations, one after another, in the entire span of text, of the first one.

I don’t really remember the translator’s artistic language, so i can’t compare it to the original, but this time there is an original artistic language. Yah.

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