Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Fantozzi alla riscossa

With Fantozzi being on pension, this movie mostly focuses on his everyday life and adventures.
The comedy works for the most part. Outside of usual Villaggio antics it is comprised of slapstick and absurdist bizarre situations, some of which include very interesting props and decorations. Like his post-apocalyptic death race modified car, for example.

Fantozzi in paradiso

From bad to worse. No matter how horrible the Ugo is, he somehow manages to still have a moral high ground, compared to the world he lives in. And the older he gets, the worse he is treated, even by closest relatives. While i can see his relations with Mariangela not being that great, she treats her mother, the only almost positive character in the whole series (though an ultimate doormat after the pension event), just the same.

Moment to moment jokes are great, but overall tone is so dark and depressing that it's kinda sad to watch, especially if you know that this is more of aggregation of real life events than their exaggeration. Judging by italian cinematic worlds, their life is rather similar to ours.

When the series switched Liù Bosisio to Milena Vukotic as a Pina, Ugo's obsession with Signorina Silvani became absolutely unfounded. Though, even at a later age Anna Mazzamauro portraits the character owning every place she happen to be at. Even with her suicidal depression, behavioral problems and on\off clinging to Ugo since the pension event.

Fantozzi – Il ritorno

The ride never ends

After the ending of the previous movie, Fantozzi was literally resurrected (with slight retcon) and has to suffer five more years on earth.

After eight movies of being more or less it’s own thing, this one is more dirty. But overall it’s still okay and has enough good parts.

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