Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Technically, Cars 3 is the best installment in that universe and is a better version of Fire and rescue. But it loses points for indecisiveness in it's see-through sсript treated as Shyamalan-plot-twist which cannot be excused by pointless tiny ownership sub-plot, new-age autism which already was outdated in 80s and have no place in the movie shyly declaring that 30 years old millennial grandpas should give way to the next generation and go silently die alone in the corner already, visually outspoken reminder of earlier point in the movie which even toddlers would understand out of dialogues' context, and unasked for physical aggression instead of sportsmanship one which leads to absolutely pointless broken physics breaking suspension of disbelief.

Their irises look as if they are directly ported from the first movie and compressed into jpeg 50 times, while textures on the cars themselves are good enough. But the most uncanny parts are backgrounds — they poured so much work into them that they look more like crappy live action footage, than great rendering work. Which also acutely dissonate with extremely cartoony and simplistic cars with poor lighting and reflections (their headlights in all 5 films look like stickers instead of glass). We have technology to create whatever our imagination want, so we created crappy live footage of country dirt. It feels as cheap as usage of slightly blurred photos used as backgrounds in modern weebs. And it's not even technologically impressive, peoples are fed that level of CGI several times per year in every Marvel movie.

Well, at least they didn't pull the Rocky 6 in the last moment, despite moving this plot and real plot forward at the same time till the end. That way it would be one of the worst movies of this year and as bad as Ghostbusters 2016.

Руская озвучка, ну конечно же, отвратительна, а песня в конце приносит физическую боль.

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