Симеон Гордый
Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
The Godfather
The movie wastes two hours into the void with two-words-worthy exposition. It's like a book directed by table of contents or an awful game which throws in every story beat it can come up with, so marketing can have "60 hours of content" bullet-point on the cover. And still, last hour is no more than mediocre, but at least it has so-called character ark.

The Godfather: Part II
Pointless sequel is in fact separate boring movies, one is a prequel, the other is direct sequel, mingled together with no rhyme or reason, or logic, or any allegory of some sort. Even George Lucas knows that it should be like poetry, it should rhyme. And the only okay (but tropey) bit is still sloppily edited and leave no desired emotional impact. Which is worsened even more with one additional pointless sequence, smearing the (lack of) catharsis in the ending.

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