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ghost in the shell 1995 gets a section 8
one of the most retarded things i ever saw a cheap ass weeb with poor animation, dumb story, basic cyberpunk-writing on the level of 400 BC

wasting a lot of time pretending to be crappy pointless art-house and losing to the trailer of the amerikan live action in every aspect

with dialogues written by normies who have no agency and barely realize own sentience (and that is not likely) with pointless tech designed

and created by humanities with random reasoning without reason paper-thin world which has more contradictions than coherences

and even every "that scene"which are quoted everywhere turn out to be pointless garbage barely related to the plot and extremely ineffective

gits 95 is a dumb baby's first cyberpunk fanfic written by an amateur, filmed on no budget by pretentious cuck, without narrative nor

writing, sold to dumb people who don't understand brain function or sentience and who have no agency

even judging with amerikan critique it's a pile of crab: 1 no backstories 2 no character progression 3 no flaws 4 no relatable chars

why is it most acclaimed cyberpunk is absolute crab for retarded people while most bottom of the barrel cyberpunk is actually brilliant?
maybe it's because it's cyberPUNK and cannot be understood by normies who don't even have agency?

"symbolism" is supposed to be a tool to explain complex thing with familiar image or reinforcing main theme with minor details
not to explain trivial thing with complex image of drying paint
symbolism for the sake of symbolism (aka decadence) is a meaningless pile of cucketry for stupid people who consider themselves above others
just because they pretend to see deeper meaning where there is none and can't use normal words to deliver their message to normal people

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