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Justice League Dark

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A grimdark animated movie filled with weeaboo-style magic battles. I’m not that familiar with DC Comics, but this rendition of the Constantine is more akin to Marvel’s Doctor Strange than to the Keanu’s version. He spams random magical spells and deals more with other magic users than esoteric heaven vs hell religious plane.

It’s nice to see an adaptaion of other characters than another Batman or Superman story. Well, it kinda has Batman in it, but he is more of a comedic sidekick in this one.

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Justice League (2017)

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It’s a one fine grimdark CGI cartoon. It starts somewhat weak, with a scene cut so bad that it’s impossible to understand what is happening and why it is even mentioned later in the movie. But, despite it being a Zack Snyder film (or maybe even due to it being a Zack Snyder film) the rest of the movie has okay cinematography which is entirely comprehensible and unobtrusive. But the sound design is kind of strange — when the movie moves into Poland, it tries to play some of the local music motives. And usually such things are made only for a joke.

The characters are enjoyable, new Flash is just great, the old man Batman being honest is an interesting take, laughstock Aquamen being a cocky muscle machine was needed too. Overall, it’s nowhere worse than any Marvel movie, and even better than some.

The problem is, i have to re-watch director’s cuts of all of the DC movies. And not only for additional footage, but also for the original voices. And i hope one for this will fix the opening.

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Wonder Woman (2017)

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Unlike the editing of the trailer, whole island part of actual movie is poorly paced and not very engaging. The rest of the movie is enjoyable, but has severe case of BTDTGTTSAWIO and is in the most dullest grey-brown palette imaginable. Like, every shot is sucking out colour out of the real life surrounding the screen.

And while suicide squat is objectively more disjointed and is a worse story, it was a better movie. You know, the thing, which is not a book and where you supposed to watch stuff.

Also Ares should've had a beard in the shot of the ancient times. Maybe he shaved it according to the fashion, but him being beardless right after he was sent-off from olymp is much more jarring than his baby-face.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Продолжение Man of Steel с депрессивным убивающим ватманом и дико клёвым "неканоничным" Лютером.
Простенько, но развлекательно.

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