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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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(Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member!) Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member! (Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member!)

Well, this is not a good movie. But then again, none of Star Wars ever were. They are even mostly notorious for the exposition dump in the form of plain text on screen. While it's not good — it's good enough. Just like most of the Star Wars (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) it exists only to have some random aliens do some explosions and some poorly choreographed fights with space-wizards. In the end, it still remains a mash-up of Flash Gordon with some weaboo garbage, and is equally poor in the plot.

The story is overly complex, and not in the sense of a lot of things happening at the same time, but in the sense that it has a couple of basic bits, and repeats them over and over and over again. And when they are not repeated — the film fills those spaces with plot, which is even worse. Half of the thing do not make any sense and are really stupid. Because of that, the movie drags for too long. They should've either cut off the entirety of Finn or entirety of Rey, but since Finn was making dumb unsuccessful swashbuckling and Rey was involved in some drama-like events and had some nice cinematography — i vote for her. That would result in something like The Empire Strikes Back scenes with Yoda (so it would be like poetry — it would rhyme), but actually an entire wholesome movie with talk-talkie and philosophical musings on force and that "freedom vs. religion" thingie from the expanded universe. The one where siths are not just boring nazi regime, which is so boring it can't compete even with Necromongers as an entartainment. The Luke parts in The Last Jedi even have some themes tangential to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series (especially expanded Revan, where he rejected the Jedi Order as unquestioning traditionalist conservators who don't care for truth). It always takes some random people, to make at least anything worthy out of the Star Wars universe.

And they should've kill off all of the old characters, while they had a chance, or don't even bring up that matter. How they handled the explosion is plain retarded and is laughable.

"this time... SHALL BE DIFFERENT!!"

Member Star Wars? Well now you can member it all over again. The whole movie is extremely derivative. Remember, all those people who are really believed that seventh movie can get away with anything just because it's a transitional one, and next one will be totally independent?

The wipe transitions are awful and outdated, for a reason. First movies were made in ye olde times and can somewhat get away with them, but wipes already were just memeberries for ye oldier times. The second movies, disregarding the quality, used them as memeberries memeberring memberries for fan-service sake, but even there were some "invisible wipes" and some wipes at least trying to synchronize with the flow. Even second movies tried to make something new in the cinematography department. The Force Awakens had some, but they were at least nonintrusive. Now imagine three-layered conservative cake being fed to the movie-centipede, where the The Last Jedi is the tail. There is not that many of classic wipes, but each one makes it count. They are extremely jarring and pace-breaking, sucking you back to the past, to watch the shitty films that suck ass.

This movie repeats directly or indirectly so much, that it even wastes screen-time explaining to the viewer, that this time shall be different. When they show you another Hoth setup, one characters turns to the screen and says: well, it's salt, it's not snow, so it's okay. (And that entire part of the movie leads nowhere, anyway).

Star Wars was always at its best in short gifs, small snippets and minor characters. Member Darth Vader? He had whole twelve minutes of the screen-time in the first movie. Outside of good things recurring from the first of the third movies (Kylo Ren's ship, for example), this one has General Hux; the mirror scene; that "spark" bit from the trailer; and even those rusty speeders had some serviceable shots. All talks between Rey and Ren are kinda nice (despite non-jokes), and they handled that particular story-arc rather okay. Also the suicide-ram had kinda good cinematography (stolen from asian cartoons)... Until everything was ruined by out of nowhere weeaboo ass-crack of everything. (Also, why nobody used that before, since it basically is a BFG 9kkk? Change all your weaponry for that thing.)

And of course in the >>current year we would use film, so the whole screen would be cowered in crawling maggots, while you are trying to see what it supposed to represent.
The 3D was plain abysmal, of course.

Four alien tits out of eight. This is not as bad as some say, and Star Wars were never as good as amurikans say.

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Rogue One

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It is a generic dumb memeberry SW movie, but overall it is enjoyable.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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"this time... SHALL BE DIFFERENT!!"

This movie is equally retared to anu of other Star Wars movies, but also kind of has the worst plot out of them all. Since it's just a pile of rethreading and blatant references it's hard to judge by itself, because by itself it doesn't make any sense. Remember how in the Return of the Jedi they killed the emperror and celebrate afterwards with medals and dances? It never states it explicitly, but it implies that imperial force just mostly surrendered. In the beggining of this movie there even is a yet another new republic. But then, suddenly, the first orden forces, which no one believed in existence of, came out of nowhere with enough recources to create third (!) much, much bigger and more expensive death star and even steal Starkiller's name from The force Unleashed for it. Did we miss something? Isn't there supposed to be two to three boring political\economic-thriller movies explaining and exploring all of this? Because it feels just as nonsensically abrupt as Anakin's sudden fall to the dark side in the episode 3. And then the new republic was made to cease to exist. You can say whatever you want about the quality of the episode trilogy, at least story-wise the transition from the republic to the empire was really smooth there.

Filming a movie on 35mm film in 2015 is the most degenerate decision. It looks as if the movie is projected onto a pile of swarming maggots. 35mm was insufficient back then, it already looks abysmal in 1920x1080. Now we are living in the age of commonplace cheap UHD, with some enthusiasts going five to seven thousand pixels wide at least. But conservative retrograds will do anything to stop the progress and will feed you maggots at the speed of 24 spoons per second even in 2015. And since retards are ready to eat anything as long as it has branding, i son't see retrogrades being stopped anytime soon.

I kind of like "don't touch my hand" moment, people shouldn't invade reasonable personal spaces. Also a bunch of school kids were sound asleep in the middle of the movie. Three hours of nonsence is really long if you are not prepared for it.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

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Удоволетворительное продолжение, но слишком короткое, и из-за того что играть дают за полностью прокачанного персонажа, вся прокачка состоит из доведения напильником супергероя до полубога.

С одной стороны графика хорошая, но. В главном меня красуются огромные картинки низкого разрешения, как собственно и всё меню. Текстуры неплохие но анимация странная, вроде качественная, но ощущение что рожи сделаны из желе вместо мяса.

Игра насыщенна Q.T.E. элементами, и если иногда вполне интересные, то часто это просто долбёжка по единственной клавише, пиктограмма которой, благодаря высокому разрешению, очень маленькая и её можно даже не заметить.

Герой не просто готовый, но и однообразный, конечно остались демонстрации его эпических возможностей силы, но это всегда помощь джедаям, в первой части хотя бы пол игры надо было бегать и разносить всё подряд.

Озвучка отличная, тексты тоже вполне неплохие, особенно приказания рядовым врагам.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - The Ultimate Sith Edition

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Лучшее из известных мне произведений по вселенной звёздных войн. Вся эта сила, световые сабли, молнии и прочий бред просто-таки созданы для ролевой игры\"слешера". Органичная озвучка, удовлетворительный сюжет по основной линии, и хороший визуальный ряд, но, впрочем, ничего из этого не объясняет зачем игре тридцать гигабайт на жёстком диске. Побочная линия открывает(наверное) альтернативную историю вселенной, где сторонникам ситхов дают возможность разделаться со всеми джедаями, и по которой собственно будет сделано продолжение. Частичное разрушение конечно радует, особенно самое начало, где можно косить деревья, но это всё-таки ещё не свобода. Даже воксели или технология из Red Faction создавали больше веселья от разрушения, помимо самой игры.
Два из трёх дополнений продолжают выстраивать альтернативу классическому сюжету, а одно вписывается в него. Одна из тех игр которые я прохожу два раза подряд, чтобы открыть максимум дополнительного содержимого. Это конечно не Devil May Cry 3, но с четвёртой частью вполне может потягаться, уж для любителей вселенной, - так даже сильнее.

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Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

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Хотя один персонаж довольно занятен. Но уж слишком легко режиссер убил генерала Гривуса, несмотря на его невероятную "крутость". Схватка с одним мечом против четырех управляемых роботом врядли продлилась бы более пары секунд.

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Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

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