Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A movie, which is good enough while you are in the moment and waiting for it to get better — you are still suspending your disbelief and enjoy iconographic snippets here and there and unconventional designs. But then, after you've already noticed that movie should've ended 1,5 hours ago, you get to a shyamalan-twist which is made of retarded layers of retarded, arranged into a retarded layered cake of retarded retarded. And everything you've suspended so far just erupts into a scream-volcano of disbelieving in how you was duped into hoping that it'll get better. It couldn't get, it's impossible to salvage this sсript or these characters.

Even disregarding the main story which is tired, dumb and bad, while screaming in your face with all its pretentiousness about how actually smart it is, the rest is enough to sink it. The movie was hyped hard about its scientific accuracy, but then we have people moving into a system with a giant black hole in it. The actual scientist-persoon characters, whose understanding of basic physics is below the level of a curious commoner, such as myself. You don't need to be a scientist, to know what exactly they will see on those planets even before they land on them. It's even can be deducted from the information the movie itself gives you in expositions. And after that all a dude jumps into a black hole and survives.

But no, not just survives, he falls into the tesseract of the fourth dimension inside of the black hole, beside the planet Nebiru of jewreptiloids hidden on the dark side of the holographic moon above a hollow flat earth where egyptian pyramids serve as alien prison towers preventing "god"-made people to escape, where he plays sick solo on gravitational one-dimensional vibrating strings energized by the power of LOVE. (And that's why 9\11 was inside of the job to make frogs gay ~2018)

You actually wot, mate? When south park made their ladder-remarks on inception, this kind of pretentiousness is what they meant. The more time passes the dumber this whole ordeal looks and the more disappointment creeps in.
Well, even with all that 80s b-movie stupidity, but in three hours long dullness and it bursting with self-seriousness on the tier of the inflation fetish, instead of campy joyride — it is still, mostly, a movie. So if you like it — whatever, just don't pretend that it is smart, good or inspired, just because you don't get most of the words said and just fill the gaps thinking that everything is super smart.

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