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It is a short art-house puzzle game, which avoids both moon logic from P&C, and blasting through one simple puzzle after another from HOPA.

In action it looks much better than on static screenshots, and the original gameplay is great and has good kinaesthetics, even in such small actions. Though more complex controls, with dedicated "back" button would help.

It is one of the best games of this year, but it's very hipstery and art-house in it's story-like sequence thing, so while it is great, it's not the number one from this year. On a pure gameplay field, there is another contender which also does not outstand its welcome, but has more content.

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Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

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Posted: 20 Apr, 2015 @ 12:57am

A dumbed down casual version of the Alien Shooter 2.

But as much as i hate all of the changes - core mechanics are still amazing, solid and satisfying. So i have to recommend even this castrated version.

Also you can play at custom resolutions or even in surround if you edit some files.

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition + Ragnarök

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

A nice package of the original game and it’s first expansion. They did a lot of minor tweaks and balance changes and added new, improved GUI and an increased game-speed option. There are also some minor content additions in the form of optional mini-bosses. This release have also added some steam integration. The achievements are mostly dull, tired and counter-productive. The best ones are for one-time most-effective use of the skill or ones pointing towards optional advanced bosses. The worst ones are working against the core gameplay feature of mixing different classes. Also it was free for the owners of the originals.


Nordic has a peculiar scheme for monetization of the nostalgia. While everyone make sloppy re-releases and faux-HD remasters, the Nordic just makes minor quality of life patches and contracts a new DLC for the target property. One of which is this ten years late expansion to the Anniversary Edition.

First of all it significantly expands the stash. But still not making it unlimited to obsolete the TQVault (now with AE).
The new character class can nicely synergize, but don’t introduce anything new, just re-skins of other spells.
All new items looks good enough up close, but their icons stand out as cheap. If you compare them to the originals — you’ll see that they lack cell-shading and high contrast.
New NPC are voiced okay, but all enemies are just awful, and considering how much is there of them, you will hear them a lot.
New relics (etc) are the best part. We finally have XP boosters of which you can have a lot, and first relic for summoners.
Thrown weapons are plainly screwed up — they are not integrated in the base game, so until north you can only buy them. They are having half the range of a bow, but use the same character AI, so you get shot at while your dood just stands in place, instead of closing in.
Dyes being changed into local outfits is kinda ok, but I don’t think I like all of them or care that much.

New levels are amateur, there are a lot of places where you can miss the turn and will not know where to go. In an H&SARPG. Then, there is a ton of backtracking and bad placements of main quest NPCs. Resurrection wells are often placed right in the spawns of the enemies, so if you die just once, you can easily lose a million of EXP in a span of one minute, being repeatedly ganked on respawn.

Writing. You can easily say the difference between original uptight pompous tales of gods and heroes and new stories of sexual harassment, atrocities of war, adultery, respecting women minorities local tribes, the creation myths of kraut and cows and unending pants “jokes”. Not that it’s that much worse, at least it’s using real norse mythology names. But still, it’s not the same and it is less fitting for the setting.

Well. I don’t think this expansion is that good by itself, but it adds a new act and generally expands a good game. It probably is not worth the current asked price and it handles co-op in a disrespectful way, by just kicking DLC-less hobos out. But it is not ruining the base game and is fruitful for high-level EXP grinding.

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A small low-poly ecologically themed city-builder with GUI looking like something early-access brought. The mechanics are sound, somewhat unusual and interesting enough. The problem is that the main campaign\tutorial is so short — it still has half of the blocks locked in the last level. And aimless sandboxes are for kids and autists. Though, even kids are trying to come up with the stories when they play in the physical sandboxes. Also real sandboxes have a real challenge — you don’t want your creations to cave in or fall apart, instead of made up self-imposed challenges with no judges of your performance.

I would like to have a big full campaign and with better tutorials in this game. Something on par with Impressions Games’ city-builders.

It somewhat works and is playable in the UHD UWS Surround, but menus are screwed up.

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Space Pirates and Zombies 2

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
First game was a tight and rather deep top-down (space melee) shooter with some real-time tactics elements and full classic interface. This game… Is a bizarro third person flat-space shooter with real-time open world map. It has 2000s low-poly graphics, janky pseudo “air” 2000s GUI, and it is a sequel-now-with-factions, just like in 2000s.

Now you control the modular mothership, while all of the old ships are no more than fodder escort, with already unlocked predefined assortment of guns and ability to overlevell. You can switch to them, but the fleet acts like a swarm anyway and you can’t move every ship individually to separate corners of the map.
Instead of tech tree you have 2 limits for the size of the parts and cap on 15 cores, with percentile upgrades on level-up. Though, there is no cap on your level and exp-demand increase is very steep, which is very good and rewarding.
All quests are gone and there is only short storyline and a couple of mostly pointless “events”. Digging operations are not that good for resources, while being tens of times slower than in the original and without clear indication of resources of 2d map or ability to mine them with all ships at once.
There are a lot of different guns for different play-styles attached to different ship parts. There is even courier delivery system of your purchases and you can order bespoke maximum quality parts.
Old arenas were a test of wits and skills, now it’s just randomly generated 5 boring short stages of increasing difficulty per base, which are more akin to tutorial, than challenge. Even rewards for them are unworthy.
Over-world is engaging enough, but your engines will slowdown depending on the weight of your ship and your cargo, which is very unpleasant. And considering the lack of ability to speed-up time it’s not fun at all to watch your snail move from starbase to starbase to sell your garbage. there is a good system for instant selling of parts from your inventory, but it’s not mentioned anywhere and i discovered it only after i defeated the final boss.

The storyline was not that great before, but now it’s just random short outburst of who-cares cynical edgy you-have-to-be-quite-intelligent-to-understand-rick-and-morty texts with as ugly portraits as before. It heavily relies on you remembering all those people and reasons for their constant bickering from the first game. And even at that, that’s like five “kill them all” quests, with boring boss-fight and very bad cliffhanger. Narratively, the last quest is absolutely pointless and harms the storytelling with a wasted decision.

Overall it’s an epitome of 2000s junk — bizarro core mechanics, bad GUI which refused dos’ clutter and 90s era artistic panels, only to become unpleasant and barely readable, low poly angular graphics, sequel-now-with-factions, and somewhat innovative and strangely engaging mechanics, which you may not saw before and will never see again, in the grimdark future of generic american action adventure garbage. GOTY 2017, they don’t make them like these anymore.

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Alien Shooter TD

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Sigma team continues to survive by reusing their old assets from Alien shooter 2 (2006). Though, in the current market it looks far superior to another ugly faux retro fake pixelart game with no talent, and the old music from the alien shooter is still great. If you don’t like tower defense genre, this game won’t change your mind, but it has enough fresh ideas for people who do like tower defense games. Mechanically, base game works very good and encourages the player to switch their strategy several times. Instead of towers you have several classes, which can bring up to three guns (out five or seven) to the level, and reloading those guns also costs money. So you have to find the fine balance between damage and ammo cost for the current meta. Though, heavy classes are under-utilized, since they are wasting a lot of space and don’t have big enough range. There is a lot of grinding and leveling up to do, with sufficient amount of guns of different quality, found on levels and in the lootboxes (for in-game currency). Each stage has four difficulty levels and there are 8 infinite stages. The main levels work great as is, but on infinite levels you start noticing the lack of usual for the genre target controls, which is the problem on the later waves.

It’s just a good game without ambitions. But in the year of no games, even just a good game is the king.

The game works just fine in UHD UWS Surround.

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Grim Dawn – Ashes of Malmouth

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A classic full-fledged expansion, which are usually mandatory for the genre. It adds two new classes, fifth act, vanity items and expands stash.

Going back into the game after some time highlights anew the same problem Sacred has — items have too much random minor meaningless stats. I couldn’t even remember what the point of my main build was. Even if i would, it’s still too autistic to try and calculate some average weight of all those stats. And the supposedly helpful DPS stat also counts all inserted gems and powders, so it absolutely useless when you try to compare your improved weapons to vanilla ones. Considering all that i decided to just play through the fifth act on base difficulty and call that a day.

The story and writing are tl;dnr, who even cares. Thematically you are just tying loose end with second enemy faction. And after you kill final boss — happens nothing. Not another ugly cut-scene, no non-diegetic congratulations, nothing. The game just goes on as if nothing happens. And while logically it’s not useful for gameplay, the player still feels the lack of catharsis. Also, the game must have more shortcuts, like the one which you use to skip chapter one. Why not let player rebuild the bridge in undead city, after you went through mind-dulling catacombs the first time? Why not make more of those?

The level cap was raised, but the game punishes you for playing past 50th level with diminishing skill points, which are anyway can be spent only on menial 0,000006% to bear posteriors kicking in the full moon with 5% chance of three-hand enchanted shovel. With tons of points being wasted on the mastery itself.

One of the two new classes is a heavy petting based one which should go nice with vanilla petting(s?), but considering the lack of point you can’t fill even one mastery. But just like in Titan Quest petting is broken — all enemies ignore your bestiality and attack only you. There is a way to somewhat avoid it, by not attacking at all, but then what is even the point of playing the most boring class?

The second one is finally focuses on dual pistols. But that is useful only for new players. Considering that you can respec everything, but the mastery itself, you can’t refit your old build. And everyone who wanted a dual pistol build already has one or more.

Well, in general, vanity items is a good decision. In the game set in this period and theme all high level items are just generic fantasy dresses, so if you want to rest from that style at least here, you finally can wear low-level cowboy jackets and hats. But then again, item progression varies your look a bit, but with this you have only one look forever — your favourite one.

Improving stash was a good decision, but it is a half measure, so we still need grim dawn vault. This genre just needs an infinitely expandable general stash common for all characters, otherwise you are forced to have an army of mules, as usual.

Well. The game is still quite fun for a single casual playthrough and the expansion is mandatory. It’s good, but at the same time it had to be better, it had to be great.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
An utmost generic american-style action game with cover-based third person shooting, heavily spruced up with movement mechanics. It's a pity that they don't synergize with anything at all. You can use it for movement or like a bullet-time, but it's useless for melee (since you can do only one punch per minute) and you can't use it to grab some ammo due to obviously abysmal controls for anything but the movement itself.

Guns are pretty generic: there are several versions of which mechanically is a generic assault rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher. Most guns which are slightly less generic is useless, like a spinning sawblade launcher, for example. They look okay though, if you are into the transforming weapons. There is a minor gun upgrade mechanic, but it's entirely broken, since it upgrades the guns you don't use. In the rocket-powered game it encourages backtracking and slow inventory management. And obviously cut-scenes are often throw you out of the area where you could loot some more stuff, because of course they are. And yes, there are cutscenes every couple of minutes, even if you only walked rocket-slided for a minute between them. And the cutscenes themselves are very stiff, jagged and strangely behaving. Either developers implemented them poorly or the cut-scenes conflict with the hardware. While the game itself runs rather good, thankfully. And of course there are QTE-driven semi-cutscenes. But since the QTE mechanic is conditioning the player to press any button on the screen, you can easily be stuck in the part where you need to place explosive charges and remotely detonate them, since the used GUI is the same. The end credits with some trash mini-game is not that bad of an idea.

While this is game is extremely wannabe 'murikan, it has distinct asian art-style, an unplot with non-tone, non-story and expectedly abysmal narrative, failing to marry the unevents with the gameplayoid substance. And all that has an unending, with no catharsis, while teasing the player about some bigger enemy.
The japanese VO is so dissonant with american-optimized lip-sync, that i just switched the voices to the english. And boi, do they sound like a bunch of butthurt old dudes discussing their constipation troubles.

Game runs just fine on UHD UWS Surround and you can even increase the FOV, i think. You need to use launch options in the object field for that.

Well, unlike the other garbage from the Platinum this one is at least a some kind of a game.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Mighty number cuphead mania.

Очередной ироничный пост-модернистский "инди" "платформер" с отсылками к марио и попыткой закосить под злодея. Кинестетика и управление абсолютно отвратительные, вплоть до искусственной эмуляции гостинга в игре с и без того погаными бесталанными уровнями и боссами. Причём настолько погаными, что финальную битву я просто посмотрел на youtube, а не стал биться часами до победы, как в случае с Intrusion 2.

Единственное что есть в игре хорошего — это некоторые дизайны и большинство анимаций, которые выглядят лучше, чем они технически могут быть. В то же время портреты в диалогах более проработанные чем сами персонажи. Кстати о диалогах. В игре совершенно гениальное решение пускать диалоги прямо на уровнях без паузы, чтобы игроку пришлось выбирать, читать что написано (без озвучки) или не падать в бесконечную пропасть.

Единица за старание минус два за исполнение.

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Immortal Redneck

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An utterly unremarkable rogue-lite FPS game. But. But in the subgenre of remarkably bad games, the utterly unremarkable one is king. But there weren't even ten good or at least above mediocre games in this year so far. But there were no any singleplayer FPS games in about last ten years — only abysmal garbage or walking simulators about MARINES or spunkgurgleweewee about MARINES or MARINES vs nazis or MARINES in hell.

Considering total lack of hitscan enemies, the core gameplay falls somewhere in post-quake1 (sub)subgenre of the FPS games — movement is the only way to survive. And at first, movement, while inoffensive, feels really floaty and unengaging, but when you unlock second jump everything clicks. Now, on top of running at great speed, you can jump across the whole room and above melee enemies. You can even make build with quintuple jumps and play attack bomber pouring bullets on enemies from above.
Speaking of which, there are a fair number of pleasant, unusual and effective guns to use. Some of which, to be fair, are outright ripped from other games. But on the other hand, outside of real guns there never were an all-stars FPS with best guns from different games.
Levels consist of randomly connected pre-made rooms with some minor changes. Rooms themself are fine, some even with secrets. And considering the limited amount of rooms with relatively regular placements of enemies, it against plays toward the FPS games of that era, when memorizing enemies placements was encouraged and resulted in great speedruns with unbreaking flow.

Rogue-lite part took note from rogue legacy, but improved it for grown up people, who don't have time to waste time on virtual gambling. First, you can unlock the choice of several builds, and take one fitting for you, by guns or by skills. Then there is an upgrade to have a random gun at the start of the pyramid, so you have a chance to get rid of least useful one you had by default. Next, the upgrade tree is balanced rather good, so it's not often that you can't purchase anything. So with persistence you can in time overlevel the enemies (it took me twenty five hours to finish it). Also there is a shop, where you can buy random skill or medallion to skip first boss of the pyramid (or use some other medallions). Scrolls with skills can be bad or good, but most importantly, there are several scrolls which radically change the resource management, for the current floor or for the whole pyramid.
In the game there are three pyramids (+ infinite basement) with one boss on the third floor and separate final boss on the seventh. And the first pyramid is the most peculiar (also most inspired by Serious Sam), not only it has less archers, and most of its rooms later just reskinned and mixed in into other pyramids, but both bosses of the first pyramid are more of puzzle-like type. First boss of the second pyramid is generic sponge, second reminds more of the sonic boss. First boss of the third pyramid is like an ogre — it just has layers. And annoying spamming generic ranged enemies. And final boss of the game is just a rather easy bullet sponge with high damage.

Graphically, game is buried under a ton of console cinematic soap, but almost all of it can be turned off. And while FOV goes quite high, the virtual lens is so wrong, that you can't go above one hundred fifteen, without it being detracting to the gameplay. (while Halo 1 and Half-Life 1 were pretty good at one hundred fifty)

Storyline and writing are garbage, and are quite embarrassing at that, even while being imaginative mash-up (maybe?). I remember only Accused Farms requesting such theme. Narrative, on the other hand, is quit fitting for chosen story.

But in the end (it doesn't even matter) it's kinda one of the best games of the year, because there were no games in this year.

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Short Trip

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A barely interactive walking\casual train simulator with nice art, poor animation and passengers disappearing into thin air.


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SteamWorld Dig

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.

A tight and neat mining platformer, which feels like a streamlined action module for terraria but with post-metroid design decisions. Level-design is fine a has a lot of puzzles and secrets. Game looks pretty and stylish.

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SteamWorld Dig 2

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Well, it's exactly just more of the same, but this time with really bad music. It ranges from forgettable to town theme, which sounds like very dirty disk (it means vinyl) with Aerosmith - Dream On is stuck on loop in tiny pathephone (different thing), which have been sat on.

The game takes place some time after the end of the first one and before the Steamword Heist. Which both neatly ties the whole Steamworld universe, even the Outsider DLC for Steamworld Heist, and makes said DLC even more aggravating, rendering the comparison with Mass Effect 3: From Ashes even more on point. Also i'm not a fan of the direction they took with humies, it was too tropey and felt like so called "punching down". And if they tried to make complicatedly motivated drama with post-modernistic recontextualization of your actions in the first game they didn't really succeeded at that.

In it's core the gameplay is still good and feels like streamlined single adventure module for terraria (or Starbound, with its puzzles) with post-metroid level-design decisions. Game doesn't restrict your tools and there is a lot of sequence breaking possible. New upgrade and ability customization system is very nice and allows some neat synergies. It compares to Steamworld Dig like Diablo 2 to Diablo — first is tight and neat single dungeon experience, the second is sprawling adventure in several thematic zones.

For some reason they turned Dot into a crazy frog and she not only looks like it but also animated like it. The other boots look like always, but main character in motion looks very uncanny as if it's cell-shaded 3D model or morphed animation, instead of the doll one. Overall main character looks very unpleasant, and considering that you stuck with it and it's the main focus of your sight — it's kind of an issue.

Game works fine with UWS UHD Surround, but limits the view instead of increasing it. Still there is an option to use pillarboxing to fix that.

Overall, if you want more Steamworld Dig — it is one and good at that. Also it's one of the best games of the year, which says more about the year than about this game.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
By itself the gameplay is not that bad, it's a lightweight endurance race of you trying to outgrind your enemy or hit couple of lucky combos. There is no tutorial, but if you are not "game journalist" it won't take long to just figure mechanics out and what diegetic thing they metaphorically represent — the GUI is quite clear. And the problem doesn't lie in the tits either, it already took steam this long just to grey-area get them and they are good for everyone. If there is demand, there should be supply, especially on virtually monopolist store. The problem is that this is an example of severe titty-narrative dissonance.

As if we never moved past 80s ero games where tits are no more than a reward for you doing completely unrelated arcade mini-game (match three in this case). There are couple of enemy sprites and random phone pictures of random chicks. Does your party find one suddenly unlocked phone which also suddenly coincedantally have those in the gallery at every location? Since you party is already mostly chicks how would they care? Tits are just unapologetically slapped as a means for marketing.

The game runs in tiny windowboxed rectangle in the middle of the black screen, and i sure hope it's not representative of the paid version (XXZ: XXL), because it looks like just a direct port from newgrounds or something. And sounds are extremely irritating and repetitive, especially deep booming sound of tiles moving. Also this game is rather short.

I wouldn't write a negative review if this game wouldn't think it can just slap some unembeded in narrative random barely diegetic sloppy cartoony low res tittes as an unrelated reward and get away with it.

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Halo: Combat Evolved

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Неприятный приставочный боевик, который не так уж сложно избить до полного повиновения. Можно выставить любое разрешение и частоту кадров с помощью опций запуска (и, видимо, с заплаткой 1.10), отключить ускорение мыши создав отдельный .cfg и добавив его в опции запуска и использовать Halo Anticheat 2 для идеальной реализации изменения FOV на ходу. (Chimera и Racer_S's FOV tool на моей версии результата не принесли). После всего это выйдет вполне сносный боевик переходного периода.

Регенерация, которой всех пугали, не только обоснована повествованием, но и на самом деле работает только при полном повреждении щитов, а не всё время. Враги почти никогда не торчат в укрытии, в то время как персонаж умеет прыгать (да и с пониженной гравитацией), приседать и здорово бегает.
Стрельба довольно сносная и фантастическое оружие довольно интересно (было в первый раз, Spartan Assault настолько близко передал его суть, что первое лицо никак её не дополняет. Тем более здесь разновидностей намного меньше.) К тому же немало видов техники (которая управляется как зад на коньках) и можно воровать всё у врагов. Отлично работают малые механики, вроде квази-скрытности, когда основная масса врагов спит и можно без шума их перебить в рукопашную, а удар в спину убивает с одного удара.
Вместо нормальной планировки уровней они заставляют посещать почти все уровни по два раза, так ещё и внутри них базовые комнаты копированы десяток раз. Даже если это и имеет в себе повествовательный смысл, играть-от в это довольно скучно. Впрочем даже так, с коридорами загрузки, подобными им же из MDK и Soul Reaver, в нагрузку и немалым количеством уровней в узких помещениях — в памяти откладываются первые ветвистые и достаточно открытые уровни и вертикальные уровни в духе концовки Red Faction. Я люблю когда уровни (на всякий случай, даже если планировка хорошая) ведут игрока ненавязчивыми подсказками, вместо трёхмерного навигатора, особенно когда это следует лейтмотиву (как тепло против холода в анабиозе или мигающий корень в terraria). Мне не очень нравится размазня белой краской в дикой природе или следы частого использования в джунглях или для беготни по стенам, особенно когда история нахваливаем ловкость именно героя. Но даже с ними некомпетентные смотрщики умудряются заблудится. Ну а здесь просто откровенные стрелки на полу. Удивительно как они не меняют ещё и направление, когда приходится проходить в обратную сторону.
Типичный побег здесь представлен длинной поездкой с аттракционами на машине, что уже веселее чем обычный путь назад пешком.

В какой-то степени игра пытается выстраивать повествование о том, что война — это ад, ну, или, как минимум, создается такое впечатление, но при этом основная масса врагов — какие-то визжащие дети. Если элита, особенно с резаками выглядит вполне внушительно, то Унггои самое слабое звено вселенной. Впрочем, в любом случае, в середина игра превращается в типичное "две стороны продолжают воевать во время апокалипсиса", в данном случае био-зомби. Впрочем, через какое-то время после такого "поворота", идёт следующий, ещё глупее, с не очень стройной мотивацией и последствиями до самого конца. А ещё в конце герой и не подумал обеззаразить свой костюм от спор и спокойно снял шлем.
Вся суть кольца во всех первоисточниках — это наличие солнца, иначе оно замёрзнет, тем более на расстоянии, где находятся газовые гиганты (такое предположение). Вот первая игра повествует о кольце, то как есть остальные игры Halo? Почему не Combat evolved 2? А уж тем-более все части, которые происходят до первой игры, по временной линии.

Враги и неигровые персонажи анимированны с пониженным количеством кадров, а все заставки усиленно деревянные, с мгновенными сменами позиции и исчезновением персонажей. К тому же все игры первого лица, где камера показывает протагониста от третьего лица во внутриигровых заставках просто по-умолчанию плохие. А "letterboxing" в заставках делают только черви-пидоры.

В целом, после взлома и починки, в какой-то степени, это даже лучше чем Half-Life 2. Несмотря на повторение одних и тех же комнат, здесь есть хотя бы что-то кроме единственного коридора. К тому же оружие не такое ужасное и скучное, а враги не просто морпехи в укрытиях.

@темы: Компьютерные Игры, Индустрия Развлечений, Halo


Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
По сути это просто SS, но с видом сверху и прокачкой. Начинается всё довольно хорошо, но во второй половине игры понимаешь что мины в таком виде это абсолютно идиотская идея, генераторы телепортирующие врагов после каждого удара, а не всех сразу — сильно портят темп игры, а баланс становится уровня автоматов выбивающих мелочь. В игре нет ручных сохранений и с бесконечными жизнями можно просто вбегать в комнату как с грантами под танк и тут же "респавниться" до победного конца, а бесконечных жизней постоянно начинать уровень с нуля. Впрочем на последнем уровне и они не спасут — кроме самого баланса по себе, там ещё совершенно отвратительный последний босс, который не только завышено тяжёлый, но ещё и ограничен по времени, по истечение которого игра кидает на самое начало примерно двухчасового уровня.

Если бы не отвратительный баланс во второй половине игры, а тем более финальный босс, то это была бы вполне хорошая игра в жанре.

@темы: Serious Sam, Компьютерные Игры


Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Posted: 24 Sep, 2016 @ 11:49pm

Pretty mediocre HOPA game with some not very bright design decisions and not great narrative.

What makes me recommend this is a bonus chapter which fits perfectly for HOPA genre narrative. Why don't people use it more? why not have complete HOPA game (or whole series) based on surreal imagery with all those puzzles and HO piles. It would make perfect sence, it would be some great gesamtkunstwerk.

@темы: Компьютерные Игры, Индустрия Развлечений, Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond


Grow Home

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Posted: 22 Dec, 2015 @ 9:53pm

Exploration sandbox puzzle game with pretty low-poly art and original core-gameplay mechanics. Sound design is minimalistic and charming. Works really well on nvidia surround. Best game of 2015.

@темы: Компьютерные Игры, Grow Home


Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Posted: 20 Jun, 2015 @ 1:20pm

The legendary Birdemic movie videogame tie-in! Now with real life gore!

Backgrounds are dumb-noisy, and pieces are submerged, which igets pretty irritating, especially on big penguin pattern-like picture. Overall pictures and interfaces are still low-res. Also i can't find any music. There is only one interactive thingy, unlike in japan game. In the end it's the worst jigsaw game they made, but it still no more or less than it is. If you bought this one after checking out screenshots - well, you bough it.

@темы: Энтропия, Компьютерные Игры, Pixel Puzzles


Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Posted: 20 Jun, 2015 @ 12:20pm

Противная стилистика картинок сочетается с зомбирующей целлофановой музыкой и совершенно выморжаивающей мозг незатыкаемой неотключаемой феей-помошницей, с рожей чиби-хомяка, озвученной в лучших традициях отвратных американских дабов китайских порномультиков, синергически сливаются в сингулярность, идеально передающую выбранную тематику раздражающего гиперболированного гротескного стиля рисунка.

Кусочки теперь не всегда находятся в правильном положении и появились некоторые "бонусы" за "комбинации", дающие ту или иную подсказку. В остальном игра несильно отличается от первой части.

@темы: Компьютерные Игры, Индустрия Развлечений, Pixel Puzzles

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