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Приличные люди

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A body-movie in the usual mix with a road-movie, adapted to the local realities first, and to the realities of the current local scene after. It's not entirely bad, but it's rather by the numbers. It's very mean-spirited, while also toothless and tame. There are some glimpses of quazi-working jokes here and there, but they are buried under the general platitude. And due to the influence of the american overlords, it's set in the suburbs instead of tiny flats in the city, which means all of the people portrayed are beyond-extremelly wealthy thiefs of the citizen's money.

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Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

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Posted: 20 Apr, 2015 @ 12:57am

A dumbed down casual version of the Alien Shooter 2.

But as much as i hate all of the changes - core mechanics are still amazing, solid and satisfying. So i have to recommend even this castrated version.

Also you can play at custom resolutions or even in surround if you edit some files.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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(Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member!) Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member! (Eh, eh! Me-member Chewbacca again?! I member!)

Well, this is not a good movie. But then again, none of Star Wars ever were. They are even mostly notorious for the exposition dump in the form of plain text on screen. While it's not good — it's good enough. Just like most of the Star Wars (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) it exists only to have some random aliens do some explosions and some poorly choreographed fights with space-wizards. In the end, it still remains a mash-up of Flash Gordon with some weaboo garbage, and is equally poor in the plot.

The story is overly complex, and not in the sense of a lot of things happening at the same time, but in the sense that it has a couple of basic bits, and repeats them over and over and over again. And when they are not repeated — the film fills those spaces with plot, which is even worse. Half of the thing do not make any sense and are really stupid. Because of that, the movie drags for too long. They should've either cut off the entirety of Finn or entirety of Rey, but since Finn was making dumb unsuccessful swashbuckling and Rey was involved in some drama-like events and had some nice cinematography — i vote for her. That would result in something like The Empire Strikes Back scenes with Yoda (so it would be like poetry — it would rhyme), but actually an entire wholesome movie with talk-talkie and philosophical musings on force and that "freedom vs. religion" thingie from the expanded universe. The one where siths are not just boring nazi regime, which is so boring it can't compete even with Necromongers as an entartainment. The Luke parts in The Last Jedi even have some themes tangential to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series (especially expanded Revan, where he rejected the Jedi Order as unquestioning traditionalist conservators who don't care for truth). It always takes some random people, to make at least anything worthy out of the Star Wars universe.

And they should've kill off all of the old characters, while they had a chance, or don't even bring up that matter. How they handled the explosion is plain retarded and is laughable.

"this time... SHALL BE DIFFERENT!!"

Member Star Wars? Well now you can member it all over again. The whole movie is extremely derivative. Remember, all those people who are really believed that seventh movie can get away with anything just because it's a transitional one, and next one will be totally independent?

The wipe transitions are awful and outdated, for a reason. First movies were made in ye olde times and can somewhat get away with them, but wipes already were just memeberries for ye oldier times. The second movies, disregarding the quality, used them as memeberries memeberring memberries for fan-service sake, but even there were some "invisible wipes" and some wipes at least trying to synchronize with the flow. Even second movies tried to make something new in the cinematography department. The Force Awakens had some, but they were at least nonintrusive. Now imagine three-layered conservative cake being fed to the movie-centipede, where the The Last Jedi is the tail. There is not that many of classic wipes, but each one makes it count. They are extremely jarring and pace-breaking, sucking you back to the past, to watch the shitty films that suck ass.

This movie repeats directly or indirectly so much, that it even wastes screen-time explaining to the viewer, that this time shall be different. When they show you another Hoth setup, one characters turns to the screen and says: well, it's salt, it's not snow, so it's okay. (And that entire part of the movie leads nowhere, anyway).

Star Wars was always at its best in short gifs, small snippets and minor characters. Member Darth Vader? He had whole twelve minutes of the screen-time in the first movie. Outside of good things recurring from the first of the third movies (Kylo Ren's ship, for example), this one has General Hux; the mirror scene; that "spark" bit from the trailer; and even those rusty speeders had some serviceable shots. All talks between Rey and Ren are kinda nice (despite non-jokes), and they handled that particular story-arc rather okay. Also the suicide-ram had kinda good cinematography (stolen from asian cartoons)... Until everything was ruined by out of nowhere weeaboo ass-crack of everything. (Also, why nobody used that before, since it basically is a BFG 9kkk? Change all your weaponry for that thing.)

And of course in the >>current year we would use film, so the whole screen would be cowered in crawling maggots, while you are trying to see what it supposed to represent.
The 3D was plain abysmal, of course.

Four alien tits out of eight. This is not as bad as some say, and Star Wars were never as good as amurikans say.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A generic dystopian boxing+crime movie but in the setting of dope-olympics.

While the core story is working, the world itself and the sentiment this movie tries to sell in the background are really dumb. These people are rioting against absolutely legal ancap-like laws. If you don’t want to sell your body for experiments — no one forces you.

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Duell der Brüder – Die Geschichte von Adidas und Puma

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Another generic “based on real events” movie, i.e. not even remotely resembling the real events. All characters are written with complete knowledge of their real-life success and the core conflict of the movie is yet another angry wives cat-fight.

It’s not entirely unwatchable, but it loses a point for sheer historical inaccuracy.

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Batman and Harley Quinn

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An oh lol so random comedy action with jarring jumps in tone. It is incredibly dumb, but it actually works for what it tries to be.

The animation is mostly ok, but you can spot every shortcut they made during the production.
The film more or less fits into the DC animated universe (not to be confused with DC Animated Movie Universe), but that’s not official, yet.

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Lego Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash

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This is the first Scooby-Doo animation, which isn’t painful to watch for me. Because the modern “lego”-style writing, no matter the actual executors or sсript-writers, overwrites all other narratives and styles and make them work. I don’t know how that magic works, but all authors i saw so far are trying to use the medium instead of making generic cartoons, but with faux-lego design.
Though, cinematography is very strange — beside the usual bricks and low-effort fillers, like sky and sand, it has very, very high-resolution water, fire and smoke. Also a CGI cartoon has lens-flare. Seriously?

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Rick and Morty

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Season 1-2.

A tryhard ow the edge cartoon, which just like any other amerikan series is just reusing ancient sci-fi tropes and plots but with marginally different set of characters. The jokes are so tryhard — they are boring, that’s when they are jokes and not just amerikan flatulence. The morals and the view of life, which it successfully sells to amerikan celldweller mom’s basket-sons, are the most basic truisms for anyone outside of tiny “western world” (USA, Canada, Australia, centre of the EU). Stuff like that i heard every time my dad got drunk and wanted to talk at four in the morning in the kitchen if i wasn’t sleeping. You don’t need to be a mental giant to know how screwed up life actually is. Basic knowledge of school’s course on history and biology and couple of headlines from the news is enough for that.
The animation is garbage and the art-style is intentionally bad I Was Only Pretending To Be Retarded. Which also describes it in general, an outdated cheap post-modernism with unjokes. The only noteworthy episode is the last one, and not because it’s good, but because that would make an okay ending for the series and it is the only contextually edgy turn of events.

Season 3.

Just more of the same. Scratch that, it’s degradation to the more of the same. The last episode of the second season is reverted and everything suddenly went back to amerikan suburban lifestyle of a dysfunctional family. Wake up, The Simpsons started in 1989, they are almost as old as me. And that’s not counting possible live-action predecessors.
This season is somewhat kinda with a ten-meter stick attempts serialization, but never actually commits to it outside of mentioning it out of place from time to time.

Let’s take the Pickle Rick for example. We have an episode with a noteworthy action sequences in the sewers, which have a very bad and tired premise of family therapy. Footage of which steals run-time from the events in the sewer and interjects them, ruining the pacing. After the sewers the action side of this episode goes into an utterly racist and retarded fight, unrelated to anything in that universe and not really sound geographically, considering that we had a lot of aerial shots of the neighbourhood. It feels like this part was tacked on only due to the current amerikan racist sentiment created by corrupt libtard media to somehow red herring the public from their crimes. And the moral of the story is that therapy doesn’t work and Rick thinks he is smart. We get it, you vape.
Instead of doing a nice action episode, it is muddied with 4\5 of the stale cellophane garbage. And that applies to the whole season. Oh, and that serialization? Forget about it, they tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter — they reverted everything back again. And did it inside this short season, not even in the first episode of the next.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A small low-poly ecologically themed city-builder with GUI looking like something early-access brought. The mechanics are sound, somewhat unusual and interesting enough. The problem is that the main campaign\tutorial is so short — it still has half of the blocks locked in the last level. And aimless sandboxes are for kids and autists. Though, even kids are trying to come up with the stories when they play in the physical sandboxes. Also real sandboxes have a real challenge — you don’t want your creations to cave in or fall apart, instead of made up self-imposed challenges with no judges of your performance.

I would like to have a big full campaign and with better tutorials in this game. Something on par with Impressions Games’ city-builders.

It somewhat works and is playable in the UHD UWS Surround, but menus are screwed up.

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The Hunter’s Prayer

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A generic post-action movie. But not in the sense of cinematography but in it’s subject matter. It’s tolerable but unremarkable and unmemorable.

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Killing Gunther

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This Is Spın̈al Glockumentary

A fake-documentary dark comedy, which improves the formula by using this subject matter, but is also dragged down by the tropes of this tiny genre and inherent weak cinematography.

The real documentaries are usually much more engaging and dynamic in their editing than this.

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Robosapien: Rebooted

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An utmost generic “surprisingly speaking sidekick” type of the movie for indiscriminating kids, in the world of which you can rob all your neighbours and get away with it.

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Our little Secret (2004)

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A short movie, which is aping Nolan’s Following or something and is absolutely random and makes no sense. What it even tries to tell?

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Death Note

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A convoluted garbage with no consistent rules and giant leaps in logic on L’s part. Who is a magic government secret kid-detective. It’s not interesting and has nothing to show. Ryok is always bashfully hiding in the shadows, like some cheap horror killer, instead of always quirkily being in the open, like screenshots of the cartoon suggest. No one sees him anyway. The last chapter looks like unimaginable contrived trash, but it all is explained in the end and it’s the only thing which actually kinda works. If you came to terms with retarded setup and forgave it.

Dumb movies with abysmal plots are fine as long they don’t pretend to be serious or as long as they are using straight face to juxtapose the obvious absurdism. This is just pretentious ow the edge with nothing to show. The only nice thing is Willem Dafoe, though he should have played the Ryok and could do it without any make-up.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Doll Graveyard
Did someone overdose on some serious shchi?

An utterly boring and tired movie, which pretends to be a real horror, while it lacks the required budget and has a stale story. Well, at least it created Ooga Booga, who became a prominent figure in the future of Full Moon Cinematic Universe.


Yet another killer doll movie, where the premise is better than it’s execution. Shadow Man is kind of great, mobster’s brothers are nice too. Overall it’s just okay.

Totem (1999)

The movie has an interesting premise, but bad acting, choppy cinematography, random footage from some viking movie and an abrupt underwhelming ending are making it bad.


A typical horror movie from the Full Moon, with interesting characters and unusual premise.

I was hunting for it for some time since i first saw it on TV in the childhood. I though i missed the whole second part, but it turned out i probably watched it entirely, since it’s lacking a big fight and is mostly about people talking.

These kids are supposed to be kids\experiments of the Bride of the Head of the Family. Still waiting.

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Evil Bongs

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Evil Bong

A trivial stoner movie, which ties half of the Full Moon’s separate film series into one shared cinematic universe.

The bong is delivered by the Rabbit, who escaped Trancers 2, while in the bong world we have appearances from Ooga Booga of Doll Graveyard and kind of his own movie (which features the different soul and happens after Evil Bong: High 5), Ivan Burroughs of the Decadent Evil which is also tied to the Vampire Journals and Subspecies, Gingerdead Man of his own series, who will become a prominent character in the real world of Evil Bong later, Jack Attack of Demonic Toys, which ties it to the world where the first Demonic Toys really happened (Head of the Family, Blood Dolls, Hideous!, Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons and nonexistent Bride of the Head of the Family and therefore maybe to Mystery Monsters; also featuring the footage from the Puppet Master series and crossovering with it in that real world or in that media world) and the world where it all was just a dream (Dollman, Bad Channels, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys), and the Jack Deth, again from Trancers.

The movie has a great main theme, but the rest is a vinegret of different tracks randomly starting and stopping. Also it has absolutely useless and somewhat obnoxious break-bumpers.
Overall it’s okay, but the main attraction is the singularity event for the Full Moon cinematic universe.

Evil Bong 2: King Bong

Second movie has new Alister, which is kinda addressed, and a very nice costume for Brett. Rabbit has switched his occupation yet again.

Just like with some classic sequels, it makes old Terminator Bong an anti-hero, whose help is required to defeat the new, more powerful version. Which is her (ex?) boyfriend — the King Bong.

Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong

This movie has yet another new Alister, which is also addressed. Structurally it repeats the second movie, with the new antagonist being an alien bong. The storyline is continued, but Alister plays a more passive role this time, with Larnell being the main action here, who saved everyone.
The uncontrollable alien weed infestation is dropped and never mentioned in the universe again, with the jungle weed returning as the main resource in this universe.

Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong

This movie makes The Gingerdead Man a prequel to the first Evil Bong, instead of one of the bong world creations, but at the same time it means that Passion of the Crust and Saturday Night Cleaver happened some time after the Evil Bong 666.

It’s fun that they had to use the same actress in two different roles, which she managed to pull off. But the ending is underwhelming and inconclusive.

The new special effects for the Gingerdead are superior to the plain puppet, which can’t move lips, from The Gingerdead Man sequels. Also it’s kind of great to see, that with the current improved technologies, one of the oldest technics became a good-looking one.

Evil Bong 420

Oh. Oh. I get it. It is not a movie anymore, it’s a line-series. With no resolution or catharsis for each individual “episode”. The Hambo getting the inspiration for Joe Cracker puts it before the Ooga-Booga movie. But the Doll Graveyard doll itself is already active and is attacking racists in this movie.
It’s interesting how strange the Hambo is. He is not a racist himself and he is disrespecting the real racist characters, but doesn’t even see any problems with his designs.

While the lack of catharsis is frustrating it’s still a tolerable joyride on the waves of the Full Moon cinematic universe. Because the current Gingerdead Man effects and writing are kind of great.

Evil Bong: High 5

And here now we finally have a conclusion to this story-ark. Even cliffhanger is better than nothing.
Considering that Hambo is still collecting his inspirations (BUY NOOOOOW), it places this movie before Ooga Booga in the timeline (which i will totally make). Also this movie namedrops Killjoy‘s Psycho Circus, but does it warrant including Killjoy series into Full Moon Cinematic Universe?
It’s a nice touch, that when hostages are being (c\h)arassed by Poontang tribe, one of them kind of likes it and the other isn’t. It includes >>the current year into the movie, without turning it into ancient genre trope of all girls are bi. Though… I just googled it and libtards turned this from being an offensive and degrading cliche into another autistic pride banner \o.

High-five times out of 10.

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The Secret Of Kells

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
…stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

This film is somewhat similar to The Book of Life. They both are extremely stylized and use two (or more) different styles instead of using one coherent style. They both have very weak stories and bad out of place jokes. And they both don’t really represent their subject matter — a “celebration of the local culture”.

But The Book of Life has “friendship is magic” parts to its generic story and its design is “never seen before”. And The Secret of Kells is reminiscent of soviet animation tradition (considered to be surrealistic in the west), uses comics’ panels for no reason in couple of places and has jarring 3D in couple of others. Also the cinematography is somewhat stiff, probably to keep the age ratings, and sometimes uses a different art-styles, which are clashing with everything else.

The storyline is yet another “daddy issues” “hide vs expose” thing and i’m not sure if that structure is even related to the ireland or if it was just imposed by englishmen. “The waifu” which is heavily used to advertise this, is no more than a minor sidekick (with not that great voice-acting). And it has a lot of those. It has the whole “captain planet” team of racist stereotypes — literally “a big-ass ooga booga” (not even voiced by a black dude), a short, wise, ancient, long-living “the gook”, gloomy slave (what an orthodox can do in the Abbey? Was there schism already?) and a fat mumbling italian with mario stache doing fingers. And on top of all that we have the irish cat. The fairy is basically a plot device, team racist is no more than out of place “””comic”” relief” and the cat is perpendicular to everything. It exists only because it’s irish and they just had to namedrop it here. The now topical wall is only methaphorical — the evool vikings can just teleport on top of it. There is no proof or explanation of why it was a bad idea, and how everything would be better without it. And the vikings are just orks. Not different culture, not barbarians, not bandits, not even people, just orks. And even truly irish Cromm Crúaich is just another Níðhöggr\Jǫrmungandr going full οὐροβόρος. Isn’t this supposed to celebrate irish unique selling points?

Of course some types of catholicism can go full regional, like black gospel, modern “latino” gangsta catholicism or polish “angelic” hussars. But what is depicted here is so anglosphere-mainstream, that i know that it’s irish only because i read the wiki entry afterwards. I though it’s just some surrealism inspired by soviet-born Геннадий Тартаковский (especially considering the similarities between his Samurai Jack and ᴅʀᴀᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ scenes in this movie), put in the general western europe medieval-type drawings.

It’s peculiar, quaint and picturesque, but even The Book of Life has more going to it’s story and it’s characters. And for someone very familiar with soviet style of animation — this movies is not even that rare, notable or outstanding.

And there is no secret.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
It is a nice marvel sci-fi movie and is better than both Guardians of the Galaxy. But of course it’s MCU so it has two characters from the shared universe. Homecoming had one, this film has two, next one will have three? Iron Man 3 somehow managed to stay clean and wholesome, without outside help. And while Hulk plays a big role in the Ragnarok, Doctor Strange is used as a plot device in an insignificant fan-service scene. I know, that that’s exactly what is happening in modern comics, but they have almost a century of the backstory. And even at that, comics themselves are usually criticized by casual audience for jumping from series to series and being obtuse to get into. Movies haven’t yet reached that point, and it would’ve felt much better, if all those mixed-series movies were called just Avengers 10 or Avengers: Thor and Hulk’s Day Off, to signify that they are all from the same series and are interdependent.

While thematically somewhat related, Immigrant Song have no place with alien vikings and the rest of the OST, reminiscent of 80s tradition of “future music” consisting of light synth. Well, at least it’s not another 80s-masturbation fest and it uses mostly original music, which also isn’t generic orchestral non-independent garbage

So called “3D” is plain abysmal and disjointed, also it seems that this movie was (poorly) converted and was not filmed in 3D from the start. Перевод — говно для даунов, актёры озвучки отвратительные.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
An utmost generic american-style action game with cover-based third person shooting, heavily spruced up with movement mechanics. It's a pity that they don't synergize with anything at all. You can use it for movement or like a bullet-time, but it's useless for melee (since you can do only one punch per minute) and you can't use it to grab some ammo due to obviously abysmal controls for anything but the movement itself.

Guns are pretty generic: there are several versions of which mechanically is a generic assault rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher. Most guns which are slightly less generic is useless, like a spinning sawblade launcher, for example. They look okay though, if you are into the transforming weapons. There is a minor gun upgrade mechanic, but it's entirely broken, since it upgrades the guns you don't use. In the rocket-powered game it encourages backtracking and slow inventory management. And obviously cut-scenes are often throw you out of the area where you could loot some more stuff, because of course they are. And yes, there are cutscenes every couple of minutes, even if you only walked rocket-slided for a minute between them. And the cutscenes themselves are very stiff, jagged and strangely behaving. Either developers implemented them poorly or the cut-scenes conflict with the hardware. While the game itself runs rather good, thankfully. And of course there are QTE-driven semi-cutscenes. But since the QTE mechanic is conditioning the player to press any button on the screen, you can easily be stuck in the part where you need to place explosive charges and remotely detonate them, since the used GUI is the same. The end credits with some trash mini-game is not that bad of an idea.

While this is game is extremely wannabe 'murikan, it has distinct asian art-style, an unplot with non-tone, non-story and expectedly abysmal narrative, failing to marry the unevents with the gameplayoid substance. And all that has an unending, with no catharsis, while teasing the player about some bigger enemy.
The japanese VO is so dissonant with american-optimized lip-sync, that i just switched the voices to the english. And boi, do they sound like a bunch of butthurt old dudes discussing their constipation troubles.

Game runs just fine on UHD UWS Surround and you can even increase the FOV, i think. You need to use launch options in the object field for that.

Well, unlike the other garbage from the Platinum this one is at least a some kind of a game.

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The Procedure

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Фильм намного проще и беднее, чем его пытались мне продать. Для фильма одного актёра, актёрская игра вышла ну очень не убедительной. Впрочем из-за абсурдности ситуации он довольно забавен.

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Житие в княжестве Московском