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Thor: Ragnarok

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It is a nice marvel sci-fi movie and is better than both Guardians of the Galaxy. But of course it’s MCU so it has two characters from the shared universe. Homecoming had one, this film has two, next one will have three? Iron Man 3 somehow managed to stay clean and wholesome, without outside help. And while Hulk plays a big role in the Ragnarok, Doctor Strange is used as a plot device in an insignificant fan-service scene. I know, that that’s exactly what is happening in modern comics, but they have almost a century of the backstory. And even at that, comics themselves are usually criticized by casual audience for jumping from series to series and being obtuse to get into. Movies haven’t yet reached that point, and it would’ve felt much better, if all those mixed-series movies were called just Avengers 10 or Avengers: Thor and Hulk’s Day Off, to signify that they are all from the same series and are interdependent.

While thematically somewhat related, Immigrant Song have no place with alien vikings and the rest of the OST, reminiscent of 80s tradition of “future music” consisting of light synth. Well, at least it’s not another 80s-masturbation fest and it uses mostly original music, which also isn’t generic orchestral non-independent garbage

So called “3D” is plain abysmal and disjointed, also it seems that this movie was (poorly) converted and was not filmed in 3D from the start. Перевод — говно для даунов, актёры озвучки отвратительные.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Фильм зачем-то пытается повторить структуру (убогого) Spider-Man (2002), жертвуя для этого самобытный персонаж стервятника, абсолютно патетически "дегуманизированного" в арках две тысяча десятых годов, превратив его в типичного убивателя "за семью и двор стреляю в упор". К тому же делает это настолько стыло и заезженно, что даже немного неожиданно. Фильм немного затрагивает отеческие отношения Старка, но не особо развивает эту тему. А сверху всего этого продолжает пытаться "монетизировать" американскую ностальгию по восьмидесятым. В фильме про современных школьников нет ни дабстепа, ни "даббинга", ни трапа, ни мамбл-хопа последней пары лет ни, хотя бы, "фиджет спиннера" какого-нибудь. Только старая музыка для дедуль. Ничего плохого в ней нет, но зачем она в фильме про школьников в >>current year. Если не создавать ничего нового и постоянно переиздавать старьё — что вы будете переиздавать через десять лет?

В целом при том что усреднёно фильм лучше, скажем, Suicide Squad, но при этом в нём отсутствуют яркие моменты или персонажи (даже одномерные) и вспоминается на следующий день он (традиционно) почти только содержанием рекламных роликов.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

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To summarize it rudely, this movie is for stale 50 years old fucks (who can't get it up). The good news — if you liked the first movie it's just exactly more of the same cellophane: some okay action plus some okay abysmal jokes. While plot, writing and narrative are just random mish mash of generic ideas with bad pacing and bipolar tone.

So, it's not the worst MCU movie, but not any notable or outstanding.

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Basically, it is Wolverine on the moon 2.0. It has a lot of dumb stuff, but overall it is okay, has nothing notable in it or outstanding.

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Blade (series)

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Несмотря на то, что над сериалом работал тот же человек, кто режиссировал Trinity — сериал зачем-то устроил edgy grimdark и довольно уныл. К тому же страдает от "приквелизации" — запихивает все известные факты длинною в жизнь героя в один конкретным момент времени один за другим. К тому же финал сезона просто отвратителен, все события оказались совершенно незначительными и ничего не изменилось. Хотя они могли спокойно разворошить весь дом Chthon и неплохо закончить на этом. Один готов, одиннадцать впереди; двенадцать сезонов — вполне себе неплохая длинна для сериала.

А так, в целом, в принципе не более чем терпимо. Единственными яркими эпизодами являются относящиеся к независимой работе. Сериализация без сквозного сюжет или с фоновым сюжетом возможно была бы получше в этом формате. А концовка так вообще убивает всё.

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Blade: Trinity

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So, it turns out i haven't watched the third Blade before. It's try-hard edgy, cartoony and there is the Wade Wilson who can't shut his mouth.

Interesting, how despite having three different directors, all movies keep the same cinematography style elements from the first one — all those city shots in fast-froward.

Overall it's an enjoyable action movie, but again, not as good as the first.

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Blade 2

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While it is utterly retarded beyond comprehension, i can't understand why i couldn't remember anything from it but the autopsy scene. Seriously, UV grenades? Grenade-bomb? Using guns instead of lights? Music still great, though.

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Blade (1998)

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The movie holds up pretty good, though it's rather memorable and there were little point to rewatch it. Музыкальное сопровождение отлично.

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Doctor Strange

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is a pretty great MOVIE though it's rather hard to watch on the big screen due to shaky cam, low fps and giant amounts of blur
inally we've got our inception as it was advertised

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fantastic 4

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x-men apocalypse

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xmenapocalypse is almost as good as first class
quicksilver is the best thing which happened to the franchise
it would be just as good if they had yellow uniforms AT LEAST IN THE FINALE

so why is daysofthefuturepast not on par with xmenapocalypse? coz QS works there only on post-post-modern level
he uses serene song juxtaposing the action but the action is in slow mo so it's actually synergizing with the song
problem is post-post-modern is so 2000 and late >>current year is the time of post-post-post-modern
so new one uses faster song which is synergizing with the action juxtaposed in slow motion therefore juxtapozing to slow motion
it's +2 -2 rhyming instead of outdated +1 -2 it's like comparing simple dawn of rap to mf doom or eminem

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Captain America Civil War

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Captain America Civil War is basically a Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice with bigger amount of more established characters and barely passable proxy instead of new take on old villain and the best part of the movie is Xbone who dies in the opening sequence and that's inevitable since all of the other fights are half-assed tavern brawls between friends who are really reluctant to hit each other as if they mean it and in general this movie undermines and dismisses international juridical system where everyone has a right for a lawyer and innocent until proven guilty. if WS would just throw white flag then the body of a doctor would be found and investigation would go further without unnecessary victims, destruction and infighting.

mr. proxy villain being arno stark would make much more sense and have bigger impact than
some random dood with no resources or baking from mister crazy alien\hesus-hating millionare just casually being mastermind manipulator with too much top secret information and leads on classified agents it's still better than winter soldier but can't step above the age of ultron i want, no i demand a series of short prequel films about Xbone with that actor and costume gathering resources or leading other operations

"No, Tony. You are the villains." And then, Tony was a Villain.

on top of everything scarlet witch and vision are so outside of everyone's league that they should only fight each other. rest insignificant
also if they were jailbroken scarlet witch could just repair winter soldier's brain especially with the help of black widow

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Deadpool (2016)

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A modern superhero movie, but based on post-modernistic IP, with all that it entails. It is noticeably small and mid-budget — despite taking place in the Earth-TRN414\Earth-10005 continuity, it features no main characters from it and has only two b-grade X-men members (which, of course, is pointed out by the protagonist).

It's mostly generic and formulaic, if utilitarian, but i love how it is basically a kind of rated R for cartoony violence romance movie in it's core. And unlike other post-modernist cinema it is much more coherent and has actual story and its progression.

Localization was not horrendously bad, but as always, with completely sanitized language.

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The Wolverine (2013)

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россомаха на луне

пост сцена с костяными но между 3 и футпаст
а там с металическими уже

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Лучший фильм с пауковеком что я видел. Они сохранили всё, что работало в первой части, но на этот раз не убили сюжет в монтаже. Параллельные ветки прекрасно сходятся друг с другом выстраивая единое повествование, построенное вокруг очень сильных персонажей. К тому же музыка и работа со звуком просто великолепны.

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Big Hero 6

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Бесконечно заезженный фильм с бесконечно унылой анимацией и отвратительным сценарием, который можно угадать до мелочей за первые десять минут. В картине нет ни единой капли воображения и каждое действие совершается потому что сценарий.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
A typical Marvel's entertainment movie. It doesn't have enough character to it, and what moments it has (Luis coolstories) are too rare to create an identity. All explanations of the mechanics are rather dumb, especially since the visuals, in the visual medium, can do that better. The sub-atomic ending looks okay, but the earlier unnecessary faux-scientific explanations of the details turn it into abysmal giant plot-hole. Movie claims that you shrink by reducing between-molecular space, so how can you go subatomic and even sub-elementary, if the suit can't shrink smaller than sum diameter of your molecules by dimension? There are a lot of the similar holes and whole feel of the film is of a modest mismanagement. It still has some cool scenes but after averaging its all ups and downs it feels somewhat underwhelming and mediocre.

Localization is usual for a Marvel movie. It's not insufferable, but it's not any good.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Scarlet Which and Quicksilver are kind of unnecessary. Ultron is underdeveloped, while trailers had a great idea of him quoting Pinocchio, the rest of the movie is him just slacking around. Well, he is not as caricature as in some other portrayals, but also somehow is not as threatening. The thing between twins and Stark is not developed at all. Nothing came out of the setup in the beginning of the movie. And the Vision...


Vision is just become, no questions asked. As if he always was there and no one cares.

But instead of all those things being developed, we have unnecessary Widow + Hulk Slash Fic and dramatic set-up for Hawkeye, which never came.

Overall, it consists of too many things, every one of which is not properly developed. It's not as good as the first one, but also is not as simple.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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A comic-book action movie which fell victim to the butchering table. It is still tolerable, but if you watch cut content it starts to make so much more sense. But the ruined story+plot is the only thing which drags it down, the rest is significant improvement over the abysmal Spider-Man (2002). Despite being much older (and having a beard shade which you can encounter at this age only on caucasians IRL), Garfield is much thinner and have a more immature teenager posture. Also their chemistry with the Gwen Stacy played by the hammerhead shark Emma Stone is through the roof.

This universe is also more scientific, but not to the point of making everything dull and ugly. And the cinematography is rather modern. I like the new plot too, i don't care if it's unlike everything what was written about Spider-man before. And that is the point, we already saw origin so many times being exactly the same, now finally they are doing something new and fresh.

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