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Wonder Woman (2017)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Unlike the editing of the trailer, whole island part of actual movie is poorly paced and not very engaging. The rest of the movie is enjoyable, but has severe case of BTDTGTTSAWIO and is in the most dullest grey-brown palette imaginable. Like, every shot is sucking out colour out of the real life surrounding the screen.

And while suicide squat is objectively more disjointed and is a worse story, it was a better movie. You know, the thing, which is not a book and where you supposed to watch stuff.

Also Ares should've had a beard in the shot of the ancient times. Maybe he shaved it according to the fashion, but him being beardless right after he was sent-off from olymp is much more jarring than his baby-face.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Продолжение Man of Steel с депрессивным убивающим ватманом и дико клёвым "неканоничным" Лютером.
Простенько, но развлекательно.

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