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Aloha (2015)

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is a toothless movie trying to be something like mike judge

so amerikan nuclear nasa is good but spacex and its likes are The Bad Guys? of course

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The Mechanic (2011)

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this remake has a nice setup but it's just another statham dumb action movie instead of proper hitman one it tries to pretend to be
also protagonist's motivations are all over the place

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Mechanic: Resurrection

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
it has much worse story (save the grill help the orphans) but much better writing. finally, he not just talk about preparation but actually do his homework and play hitman (even if lousy) instead of run in guns blazing and be confused with his feelings. though it lost some of that which resembled "style" in the remake

generic statham dumb action movie
is ok

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Ночные стражи

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ночные стражи is not as crazy as it can be suspected from the trailer and don Jean Ярмо is not that colourful of the character. it has mediocre vfx not very great spound design, which feels like it's translation and not original audiotrack (that makes it mediocre from our pov) tries to have sounding ost, and even leitmotiff (or two?) but i strongly dislike that music. character ark which ends with confusion is pretty ok for this story

the biggest problem is the cultural background. it tries to use local folklore to give it a nice flavour, but character refers to men in black while much better movie title to describe that situation would be ночной дозор which was pretty big cultural event in it's time. it even looks better and has a lot of memorable "scenes" instead of just one. next, they all use outdated generic weoponry familiar to NATO population instead of local АК74М\АКС74У\РПК74 equally iconic for foreign audiences and some unusual-looking "fantasy" designs of ПП-2000 ПП-90 or ПП19 (АК based SMG with helical magazine)
even machineguns are gatling multibarrel type instead of locally preffered multicannons. and the city is absolutely generic-looking skyline without any moscow sights. only metro map is similar to the moscow's one

it's ok

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captain forever remix

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captain forever remix is a block constructing top down space combat roguelite. the constructing part is mediocre, options are limited, and there is one successful design, while strict time limit destroys the most fun part of engineering. combat is really poor and best option is using something with longest range and do a lot of kiting. artstyle of the game is clean and unremarkable, artstyle of the story is something out of the clasky czupo i.e. incredibly ugly. story itself is primitive and almost unexistent, while writing is irritating and talking heads take significant part of the screen so you can't see where are you shooting.

overall it's ok game for one successful session

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Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad is enjoyable and really fun
on par with deadpool or ultron 7\10

the only jarring thing is the amount of songs. ost is great but it so all over the place as if it's 13yo's first social network profile and
it can't decide what to choose so it just vomits all the titles it can remember
would be better to choose a couple of songs from one artist or in one style or genre and use them like leitmotif

otherwise, people who dislike it can go watch fucking ghostbusters 2016 they deserve

men of 430FSe was dumb pretentious and incoherent but tolerable & pretty
BvS was kewl and saved by jesse playing slightly twitchier himself
but ⚡⚡ is a straightforward simple story but with somewhat less tropey narrative

war is peace
less tropes is bad

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Blinky Bill the Movie

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i did nazi that coming
is a mediocre and tolerable, looks ok, furs are ok 5\10
oh and they are often going 4wd which is a totally +
making unhumies cartoons while using totally humie kinetics is dumb

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龙在哪里 (Long zai na li)

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A CGI animated movie, which is as dumb as any amerikan cartoon, but it has a chinese story and narrative, therefore it is less tiresome to watch. Though, i think with overexposure they would be equal.

It’s medium budgeted and with uneven distribution. Some furs look just great, while other furs are basic flats. Should’ve either make all furs plain textures or all furs fully modeled, for tonal consistency.

For some reason it has a retarded very long flashback sequence in the middle, showing you what you just saw in the last hour. And it seems it’s a common element in the chinese animation. Is it an ancient chinese secret for retarded adhd humie maggots?

Also the song in the ending is absolutely awful. If someone would make a recut without pointless flashback and without that song, it’ll be an ok cartoon.

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Ice Age: Collision Course

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equals is Equilibrium of Brave New World with Flowers for Algernon of Romeo and Juliet

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Neon Demon

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pretentious shallow insubstantial cucketry about nothing, made for cinema students without taste to fap to
it pretends to have cinematography as kid tries to act adult by swearing in the wrong places and wear FUBAR makeup

it has a lot of 10mins stretches of nothing happening on the screen
it treats the viewer as an idiot who can't pinpoint where the sound is coming from

and the story bits are random plotmagic, just because

it's like high rise but without everything interesting

it's another unimaginative garbage like mallholland drive

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Café Society

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is a run of the mill movie in it's genre with run of the mill structure and is a run of the mill work of it's creator

it is a better version of twilight saga but it has no real conclusion

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ghostbuster 2016

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Ghostbusters 2016 is 4% of the brain

It's cancer infected with aids
It's even worse than your lowest expectations

it's 16 adamsandlers quadroanalpenetreting 4 adamsandlers in film written, directed and edited by adamsandlers, each being
Quadroanalpenetrated by 4 adamsendlers, and that's even before we try to compare it to the original

cinematography is a hack job with bad angles and random incomprehensive cuts

it pretends to pretend to be a comedy and pretends to be an action movie. failing miserably at both

now, to execution.

no one ever asked for remake, same-name-remakes are crime
1 had a cast of diverse characters, 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown.
there is a main straight guy and a lot of skepticism in 1, 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown.
1 gfx are uncanny and ghostly, 2016 everything is generic garbage.
original is pseudo scientific and tame 2016 is OLOLO SCIFI PLASTIC PEWPEW
events were logical and characters acted like real people esp government. 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown
original is a real movie. 2016 tries to shoehorn itself into 3 "genre"
original created new concepts, 2016 is tropey and in itself is remake

and this is basically everything what's wrong with ghostbusters2016, 5 years before release, in @Campster video

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grey goo

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Simple straightforward RTS game with diverse factionsa but a small selection of units with pretty much useless aircrafts and artillery. Rather pretty and good enough for singleplayer, though have problems lauching and conflicts with overlay programms and razer synapse.

вместо трёх миссий за каждую фракцию для обкатки свежих юнитов и трёх миссий за шрауд, 1 миссия за землян гениальное решение добавить ещё одну ртс стелс за гуу и обычная миссия за гуу


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BoJack Horseman

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intro 10\10
season 1 7\10
season 2 5\10
season 3 3\10

1st was tired and tropy and normie but at least it meant something, not much, not important, but at least something. they wanted to say it they said it, full stop.

half episodes of 2nd showed some progress, but it turned out it was just an elaborate explanation of a story which they already managed to perfectly fit just in the span of the intro sequence. it just explained the character which we already know for 1,5 seasons.
other half of season 2 is a cellophane. it's a useless unmemorable filler without any meaning. and they ended it one episode too late with utter garbage. ep11 was at least good for season finale

3rd season is death. it's recent season of simpsons everyone hope for it to just end, it's a modern sellout metallica. every episode i watched i wanted nothing more but for bojack keep at least some of the characters dignity and make curt cobain. and he didn't. not even in the final episode. with most atrocious setup for season 4. now it's just an R rated adventure time with wacky inconsequent adventures bearing no meaning, all while normielazing every character into mediocrity

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Jeanne DuPrau

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The City of Ember (2003)
The People of Sparks (2004)

The builders of ember are retarded they deprived vault dwellers of any ye olde knowledge but still think that they would survive in The wastelands after one way trip through the river What if it is winter there? How megapolis type folk supposed to instantly became farmers When they don't even know what sun is or what trees are.

Otherwise first book is OK by itself, but can't remember anything from the movie It was something something retrofuturism art deko and not ye olde and raggedy enough It bombed similarly to golden compass but unlike that it's second book is plain farmers where in compass stuff got only crazier Well overall it teaches kids to speak to adults and to avoid unforseen consequences and mildly entertaining so you can ignore tarded premise

The Diamond of Darkhold (2008)

in city of ember 4 postapocalyse born grandpa just used word "slowpoke", while in real life it already had morphed into slow (noun) by 2010
also it's written by poetically retarded humanities. they made 1 trip to salvage some stuff from the city. instead of utterly ransack it and
take all the lights all the houses all the wires and floodlights into their village what retard would leave generator parts behind? +pipes
and that's in case of not rehabitating it for winters and just making new fields outside with solar new wiring from...
so the builders have extremely effective solar generators which could be repaired from inside with some lift-thingбиге instead they built
ancient weak generator which was failing and degrading as a main source? city of ember 1 should never had sequels. in a way the fact that there is no 2 3 (esp 3) 4 sequels to city of ember movie is a good thing (unlike northern lights)

and aliens subplot is not developed beyond declamation of its existence

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Bourne trilogy

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BourneIdentity is pretty boring run of the mill spy+amnesia movie with good music\sound design

and in BourneSupremacy music is already utter useless generic orchestral trash

BourneSupremacy is unasked for sequel to unasked for sequel, tying whole store into yet another Chaser(2003) story

also most boring of 3

well it could be worse, they could be tinker tailor soldier spy level dumb

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Star Trek Beyond

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StarTrekBeyond is just more of the same
it has one great scene but unlike xmenapoc it's not full length and ends abruptly by bad leitmotif
it's like since the first movie they know how to make good music for the movie but for some reason they HAVE to use awful retarded generic
impotent orchestral soundtrack for a SPACE MOVIE

screw modern osts they are tosh

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Снежная королева 2: Перезаморозка

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is more of the same with old tropes at the same quality of animation but with slightly stable direction
have less annoying sound-barks and managed to get some nice story beats

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Житие в княжестве Московском