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the revenant
олл овер зе плейс
тупые персонажи

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The Head

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Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

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space truckers

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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"this time... SHALL BE DIFFERENT!!"

This movie is equally retared to anu of other Star Wars movies, but also kind of has the worst plot out of them all. Since it's just a pile of rethreading and blatant references it's hard to judge by itself, because by itself it doesn't make any sense. Remember how in the Return of the Jedi they killed the emperror and celebrate afterwards with medals and dances? It never states it explicitly, but it implies that imperial force just mostly surrendered. In the beggining of this movie there even is a yet another new republic. But then, suddenly, the first orden forces, which no one believed in existence of, came out of nowhere with enough recources to create third (!) much, much bigger and more expensive death star and even steal Starkiller's name from The force Unleashed for it. Did we miss something? Isn't there supposed to be two to three boring political\economic-thriller movies explaining and exploring all of this? Because it feels just as nonsensically abrupt as Anakin's sudden fall to the dark side in the episode 3. And then the new republic was made to cease to exist. You can say whatever you want about the quality of the episode trilogy, at least story-wise the transition from the republic to the empire was really smooth there.

Filming a movie on 35mm film in 2015 is the most degenerate decision. It looks as if the movie is projected onto a pile of swarming maggots. 35mm was insufficient back then, it already looks abysmal in 1920x1080. Now we are living in the age of commonplace cheap UHD, with some enthusiasts going five to seven thousand pixels wide at least. But conservative retrograds will do anything to stop the progress and will feed you maggots at the speed of 24 spoons per second even in 2015. And since retards are ready to eat anything as long as it has branding, i son't see retrogrades being stopped anytime soon.

I kind of like "don't touch my hand" moment, people shouldn't invade reasonable personal spaces. Also a bunch of school kids were sound asleep in the middle of the movie. Three hours of nonsence is really long if you are not prepared for it.

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Алекса́ндр Рома́нович Беля́ев

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Борьба в эфире.
Вечный хлеб.
Человек, потерявший лицо.
Продавец воздуха.
Золотая гора.
Подводные земледельцы.

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Fortress 2

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Saturn 3

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пластик выглядит прекрасно в космосе и на роботах
даёт значительное превосходство над 3д

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The Good Dinosaur

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стыдно стрёмно неоригинально непоследовательно

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Sanjay's Super Team

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у смотрите какая у нас диверсия давайте покажем нашу диверсию типичнейшим американским нарративом и рисунком когда у индии есть своя школа анимации

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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

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On it's own it's much better and diverse than second game. But if you played first one — it's much much more of totally the same.

Works with nvidia surround after editing of .ini file.

everything run nice but if sniper rifle in hands it suddenly uses different fov for no scope
dynamic music is so tiresome instead of listening to nice OST all i hear is a constant start\stop mish mash of several tunes no cohesive mood

12.09.2012 — 30.11.2015
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
3 years worth of content

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7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

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7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

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Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren`s Call

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Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren`s Call

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Mom and Dad Save the World

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mom and dad save the world

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Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

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Graphics are somewhat better than average in the genre, but some meta puzzles reminds of moon logic from old adventures, kinaesthetics are unpleasant for some reason and it's easier to use fast-travel all the time, small puzzles are often randomized which is not very good idea for casual play.

It's not that bad, but steam is flooded with superior artifex mundi games, which sometimes not look as good (for my taste, i can tolerate low-poly on 2d easier than deformative animation) but always offer more cohesive though not ideal natrrative.

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Robo Warriors (1996)

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Robo Warriors (1996)

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Victor Frankenstein

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Victor Frankenstein

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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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They put bullet-sponge zerg-rush AI from COD in the game where player dies from one hit. Friendly AI is worse than useless. Everything is broken and buggy.

There are couple of interesting ideas and tank combat is nice, but overall is giant steaming pile of crab.

MP is slightly better but it's so bugged that it's better to avoid tripwire games.

calling a game heroes of stalingrad and start if with nazi compaign is a strange choice
emulation of MP for SP is not a bad idea though
emphisize losses in war instead of retarded COD heroism with regen \ medkits
problem being both AIs are retarded twitchy spongy and WH
i gave him bullet in the guts he killed me with strike of wood on my iron helm
squad controls are bad
and they were done right in sacrifice
just a reminder
reaaaally lags for no reason (high fps, low usage)
and ladders i once climbed stoped working how you can break ladders?
why there is no dedicated right salute button when you play as nazis?
tank part is ok
they couldn't be arsed to use real cyrillic words
therefore i piss on their faces
right in the nostrils of tripwire
soviet intro is 80s action trailers holywood
i'm kinda ok with it
rus AI eats 4 RIFLE bullets in body
nazi AI eats 3 RIFLE BULLETS in head
that's on normal
also their SHIT VA using WRONG ACCENTS
those idiots mixed IOSIF with LOSIF
how dumb one have to be to make that?
there are couple of interesting ideas but overall it's unbelievable amounts of garbage

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massive chalice

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massivechalice is another dumb XCOM
i damn HATE XCOM
casual cancer for filth
and they don't do x-com system anymore
also the reason i got bored with renowned just after one run
GUI is garbage
tutorial is cancer
writing is garbage
design and lowpoly are nice
but lightning and AA and optimization are awful and buggy
and damn controls are bad
a lot of accidents
and those global mechanics, unlike x-com\XCOM which this game is basically very similar to
makes soldiers much more expandable, while they
tried exact opposite with low recruiting and inheriting
why should i care about grandpa squad? they'll die next time on global map anyway
and young kids will mary and have a lot of children with big levels
so solitary men and ladies are expendable
while children factories make better soldiers
also in real life married people were going to wars, that's was the point
instead of promised second coming it's just a weak dynasty system (no genetics) glued to runof the mill XCOM
yet it's entertaining enough
i blame unconventional weapons and classes for that
see, if you have at least a spec of imagination your game can standout
first they handled everything poorly
they maybe have complex system, but it's not narrated so it falls into IDGAF
it's too random and not near to diggles or creatures breeding
also as i said GUIs are awfull so you can't rally tell what would happen
again console garbageness in play
for such complex thing they wanted it should be really good excell simulator with tulltips and mouseovers
player just have no information on traits on what would happen on inheritence on children on anything
so it's just gimmick instead of core
creatures 2 had dementia bug which make all your norns retarded after some age
but systems in place are so complex that players usedeugenics
to fix relatively gamebreaking bug by means of game's systems
unlike games these days
doods don't stop on "spotted"
that's not "hardcore" that's being dick to player
now you hero sit here for 40 years and don't do children! and don't do adultery and make healthy bastard heroes! no polygamy! no freedom!
but we close our eyes to menopause because equality!
despite rng and low genepool menopause would make better gameplay
not just marry and forget
also menopause + adultery would have nice synergy of breeding required traits in official marriage for short
length after which males are locked from controllable breeding pool but will leave tons of totally rng bastards

i choose to piss in chalice and leave everyone be because MORE KIDS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED

epiphany of degenerate writing
>>chances are VERY GOOD that we will NOT allow incest in the game
>>but as the voice over says, they're not just a pile of numbers
double fine are anti-incest rightwingers!111 lol
if they are not numbers thanwhat DF have against sister's love to a brother!1111
go it with -64% on GOG right now
i think thats fair price, at leas in ₽
(7,5 white breads)
any reason to not go 5 stealth hunters?
music is quite ok
sound design is understandable but irritating
we were promised second coming but all we got is run of the mill simpleton game in simpleton husk of a genre

everything about is mediocre

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Житие в княжестве Московском