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Café Society

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is a run of the mill movie in it's genre with run of the mill structure and is a run of the mill work of it's creator

it is a better version of twilight saga but it has no real conclusion

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ghostbuster 2016

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Ghostbusters 2016 is 4% of the brain

It's cancer infected with aids
It's even worse than your lowest expectations

it's 16 adamsandlers quadroanalpenetreting 4 adamsandlers in film written, directed and edited by adamsandlers, each being
Quadroanalpenetrated by 4 adamsendlers, and that's even before we try to compare it to the original

cinematography is a hack job with bad angles and random incomprehensive cuts

it pretends to pretend to be a comedy and pretends to be an action movie. failing miserably at both

now, to execution.

no one ever asked for remake, same-name-remakes are crime
1 had a cast of diverse characters, 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown.
there is a main straight guy and a lot of skepticism in 1, 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown.
1 gfx are uncanny and ghostly, 2016 everything is generic garbage.
original is pseudo scientific and tame 2016 is OLOLO SCIFI PLASTIC PEWPEW
events were logical and characters acted like real people esp government. 2016 everyone on screen is a retarded clown
original is a real movie. 2016 tries to shoehorn itself into 3 "genre"
original created new concepts, 2016 is tropey and in itself is remake

and this is basically everything what's wrong with ghostbusters2016, 5 years before release, in @Campster video

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Central Intelligence

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Намнгого менее постыдный типичный боевичок про напарников с Роком, чем ожидалось из рекламных роликов.

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Swiss Army Man

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It starts with dumb weak potty “humour”, but couple of minutes in, it breaks through the wall of mundanity and bad taste, and ascends to god-tier potty humour, in perfect harmony of the acting, sound-design and cinematography. It stops shortly after, and starts to rely more on absurdist jokes.

The overall tone and story is millennially and hipstery, but not to the point of detraction. The hipstery music+sound designs are great and unusual. And the combination of dreamy hipstery tones with raunchy jokes creates very unique mood for this film. Well, above all else it is a great comedy movie.

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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Now You See Me 2

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Finding Dory

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огероили одного спешала насмехнулись над кучей других
детективный трилер
пререпрыг акулы с тачилой

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The Nice Guys (2016)

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The Nice Guys

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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Money Monster

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occopy wall street the movie

corrupt young turks

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warcraft movie

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alice through the looking glass

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Captain America Civil War

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Captain America Civil War is basically a Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice with bigger amount of more established characters and barely passable proxy instead of new take on old villain and the best part of the movie is Xbone who dies in the opening sequence and that's inevitable since all of the other fights are half-assed tavern brawls between friends who are really reluctant to hit each other as if they mean it and in general this movie undermines and dismisses international juridical system where everyone has a right for a lawyer and innocent until proven guilty. if WS would just throw white flag then the body of a doctor would be found and investigation would go further without unnecessary victims, destruction and infighting.

mr. proxy villain being arno stark would make much more sense and have bigger impact than
some random dood with no resources or baking from mister crazy alien\hesus-hating millionare just casually being mastermind manipulator with too much top secret information and leads on classified agents it's still better than winter soldier but can't step above the age of ultron i want, no i demand a series of short prequel films about Xbone with that actor and costume gathering resources or leading other operations

"No, Tony. You are the villains." And then, Tony was a Villain.

on top of everything scarlet witch and vision are so outside of everyone's league that they should only fight each other. rest insignificant
also if they were jailbroken scarlet witch could just repair winter soldier's brain especially with the help of black widow

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Ratchet and Clank

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Ratchet and Clank (film) looks amazing as if it is featured in 4k or above but writing is utterly mediocre (and mediocre level nowdays set at "abysmal" grade) on top of that localization is just plain awful and main characters are whine MARINE rookie and unlikable borefest perisher and not just because of localization, their movement, animation, cinematography are of whiny MARINE rookie and unlikable borefest perisher. even pretentious space cuckengers, evil redshirts, evil genius, bullied engineer and CEO each has more personality than 2 leads combined

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High Rise

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High Rise is fun to watch and have really good sound design and music, it's better than indie\oppositioin scene(s) and much more cohesive, but in itself it is still pretentious metaphorical cuckery touching on subjects which were already touched in inappropriate places by everyone and in better forms. there are no point to methapor when it can be said allegorically. and it doesn't even have cohesive enough visual narrative to get the point across. it's not as bad as lynch's artistic but vomit but you have to know pretentious cuckcrowd to get what\why happening on the screen and which truisms they want to tell you this time. though he didn't manage to tell viewer his opinion on subject clearly did he mean that capitalism is bad? he clearly didn't mean that socialism is good. the only thing which is descriminable is that middle class can adapt and survive just like roaches and rats. but what future he prepared to the symbolic Kid?

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Les Visiteurs : La Révolution

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Les Visiteurs : La Révolution is just a primitive comedy continuing the story and even diegestically enveloping the fact that dumb amerikan re-make made them almost 20 years set-back it's not the second coming but it's faithful to the originals and french visual narrative is a breth of fresh air in a swamp of amerikan writing

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Хардкор is the best movie of the year and one of the best action movies of all time. Art is about experimenting with new narratives and diverse stories, not about retreading old tropes about amurican marines surviving holocaust and crying with their slaves about slavery. That doesn't bring anything new to the table, while Хардкор does. One hundred out of ten, would have its children.

I never liked the original videos for Bad Motherfucker and Stampede, partially due to the bad music. But third time's the charm. With previous experience, bigger budget, better narrative and at least a little bit deeper story, supported by the great actors, it finally flourished. At least the theatrical run was censored and the movie could be improved with better nudity — mature people don't shy away from it, like peeking giggling teens. Sharlto Copley is a god-tier actor, it's like he took the part on condition that he could do whatever he likes.

Still more choreographed fights with rapid switching of empty weapons, just like in the Wanted, would be nice.

I didn't notice anything, what anglosphere "critics" were talking about. Probably they just lack cultural understanding (or more likely basic understanding of juxtaposition, even slightly different from tropes). Also americans are seem to be very prone to motion sickness. Not only i didn't notice any, it's plain unheard of, to get motion sickness from flat screens in these parts.

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