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The Accountant

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
is very good
this is what all your bournes reachers and mechanics should've been
also it could make sjws nice and cozy showing badass autism, while the movie advertises destruction of safe spaces

could use more buchhaltery puns though

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
there is motion blur in paranorman
and it's about autists
of course it's about autists
hat all movie autists have in common? they all suck it instead of talking back

after kubo and now this
i'm think i want to get off laika's wild ride

vvorst part is that there are people vvho claim that it's better than coraline
Those should be burned for the vvitchcraft.

it's a very dumb movie with tons of unfunny and pathetic whiny sсript about people who ask for it
её осудили за ведьмовство, ведьмовство было незаконным, она участвовала в ведьмовстве и прокляла их всех
соответственно они были правы и всё законно
если не нравятся законы страны всегда можно из неё свалить (пока не закрыта граница) нравится или нет но так всё устроено, не надо тут истерик из-за особых снежинок

Мусора бегают по ведьминому дому.

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幸腹グラフィティ (Kōfuku Gurafiti) (сериал)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Типичная "лирическая комедия" в поджанрах "готовка" (+"еда") и "одиночество=>друзяшки" с типичной для своего поколения анимацией, использующей очень много фотографий и съёмки под густым соусом PFX и мягкие неконтрастные губы для моментов когда раньше использовалась "старательная отрисовка". Вступление совершенно не подходит к тематике, а вступительная и закрывающая песни убоги. Сам сериал максимально близок к оригиналу, и из-за статичной анимации (ммм, да) редко когда может добавить что-то к тому, что автор оригинала мог выразить всего в четырёх кадрах. Тем более герои часто разговаривают или играют "на экран", показывая предметы прямо в "камеры". При том в отличии от среднего по поколению — это не разъяснения интересных фактов , обучение или разная занимательная информация по предмету. Впрочем в сериале и нету ничего, за что его можно не любить — он не перегружен плохими шутками и в нём нет дешёвой ДРАМЫ.

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jack reacher

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
is a spoiled detective movie which could be better and does have retarded moments But in the end it is nice overall

the best parts seem to come from the books and all dumb parts seem to be created for the film

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inferno (2016)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
first one was very tight
second one was frantic and detectivey
this one is okay but professor layton doesn't have enough puzzles

also it has nothing to do with church conspiracy which is one less unique flavour to the mix

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Kubo and the Two Strings

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
at some point your low-tech is so good that it just looks like bad hi-tech. the movie is filled with pointelss VFX and just looks like it's low framerate CGI

it has a very bad story with very bad pacing and is predictable from the start. also brainwashing rape pills

it has a lot of dumb "jokes" while trying to be soggy DRAMA. it's not like it's a bad decision or they are conflicting with each other here, it's just that in this case you have a mix of VERY UNFUNNY and PRETTY BORING

meh, overall it's an ok movie 5\10
expected more from laika

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Jack Reacher 2

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
All kicky mckickface and no detective work makes Jack a dull boy.

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The Mechanic (1972)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.

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Петька и Василий Иванович 2: Судный день

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
[review key provided by the publisher]

Enhanced re-release of (cult-) classic p&c referential comedic adventure game.

New (optional) control scheme cuts out all of the pointless pixel-hunting and dead-ends, leaving most of the content intact (old RMB menu is quite pretty) and isn't "streamlining" core mechanics. And backgrounds were expanded to fit 16:9 aspect ratio.

Game works just fine out of the box on UHD UWS Surround in fullscreen. Achievements are mostly story-related, but there are some of exploration-type ones.

It would be nice if there wes an option for animation speed in settings, since walking is really slow and some scenes are slow-paced.

/Interesting, this is a second old russian game i encountered, which using the same sound library as later was used by valve. Calculator sounds in the shop are very similar to that of steam's new chat message./

Собственно после HOPA становится понятно почему вымерли p&c и никогда уже не вернуться, несмотря на все условности и простенькие задачки HOPA по-прежнему обладают лучшим повествованием так как не используют постмодернистские разговоры персонажей с игроком, а так же благодаря отсутствию анимации ходьбы по экрану значительно повышают темп игры, удаляя мертвое время. Конкретно сюжет легендарных ПиВИЧей оказался вполне стандартным для своего времени набором глупых шуток и культурных отсылок, впрочем некоторые были довольно смешны своим абсурдизмом. Вот интересно как Бука обошлась с fair use, ведь то что работало в девяносто девятым на физических носителях, в >>current year на цифровых уже не прокатит.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
has 1 hour of plot stretched to 4 hours of incoherent inconsequential video with bad make up
and has nothing to do with deathly hallows at all

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
it has 1 joke repeated 6 times and 2 hours of embarrassing shit
+evil capitalism

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
Is the worst one so far. It has absolutely no plot, while writing is awful and makes no sense. All characters act out of the sсript, function like RNGs, and can't converse like humie beings. It's like aliens stole some human skin and try to blend in, not knowing that everyone in the crowd is also an alien who stole humie skin and tries to blend in.

It's a confusing pointless bore to watch.

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The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
New The Magnificent Seven will please every Trump's voter with unprecedented amounts of racism — they whitewashed every mexican out of the movie.

But seriously, first movie has a better moral.
It was focused on the simple life of farmers, which will remain, while cowboys come and go and are no different from the outlaws. It had a full ark for the "kid", and showed him that there is nothing wrong with being a farmer with a wife instead of an adventurer without one.
New one is exactly what first movie was ((("deconstructing"))) — it's a "cowboys rode into sunset" movie, and no one wants to be a dumb farmer.

But movies are not tales, movies are visual medium, and using "gotta catch 'em all" captain planet PC racist stereotypes cast gave every of the main heroes personality (even if token one) and distinguished them from each other. Despite being smarter overall, original had a "kid", a "bald", and 5 "dads", one of whom had PTSD, but you can't tell which one, since all of the "dads" did look the same and didn't had enough screen time per "dad" to truly remember their quirks and characters. Though remake chickened out of calling "jane who got a gun" the real member of the seven after Hawke's character chickened out. At least that would be a statement; but of course he came back, because the genre and because it was in the original. On top of multiple distinct characters, remake has modern action cinematography, which much improved "dumb excitement" techniques, compared to the 60s, and all of the dumb scenes at least are fun, while being mostly tolerable in quality.

So, despite being dumber and inferior tale, in the end it is a slightly better movie.

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
It is a tolerable xmen+harru potter movie with Burton's daddy issues and awful dumb writing.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
It is a nice movie in the one-man paranoid triller genre. character is interesting and Хабенский is a really good actor. Also it is answering the demand on the hot topic.

@темы: Кино, Кинотеатр


Krampus (2015)

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
in the opening of krampus people watch 4:3 movie stretched to 16:9

is kinda good but it's totally a kids movie and krampus himself has insufficient animatronics compared to the rest of monsters
+bizzarro framreate during shouting

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Sir Terence David John Pratchett — Equal Rites

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
even on same level of dumbness delivery feels significantly improved
writing is slightly improved
i liked granny weatherwax in wyrdsisters and carpejugulum but in equal rites she is mostly stereotypically boring and underdeveloped(?(yet?)
Soooo The ending of the equal rites is underwhelming and went nowhere Also later parts of the book are heavy with undiegetic pop references
It kinda contradicts first two in how magic works.

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Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
interstellaria is interesting but gui is totally unusable, starting with ships being 2d instead of top down

saved two doods from death they were surplus didn't do anything all the time ate partied and slept
stumbled into sex-swap anomaly those two chicks just left with all my gear due to being "overworked"

it's nice but junky

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Final Doom

Сынок знаешь, ты тоже вот-вот кудесником станешь.
The Plutonia Experiment

Yep. This is just exactly just more of Doom 2.

Yep. this is the same amateur\sequel\add-on style of level design of that era, with trolling, random riddles and giant unending levels. With the main idea being shoot more stuff coz shoot more stuff. Compared to base Doom 2 it is not even artistically coherent\correct and very gamey. Visually levels are pretty plain, uneventful and not memorable. And of course final boss would be an icon of sin which was bad even in the original. If you want just to play more levels for doom without regards to quality — it is for you.

TNT: Evilution

It starts very strong, with some new visuals and new music, but then it slows down at 2\5 mark to be as generic, trolly and poor as plutonia, after which it suddenly has a row of extremely short and plain levels. And overall Evilution is not thematically coherent, having you run around prisons, offices, warehouses, sewers and other boring real-life stuff. Though, sometimes you can find something truly amazing and great between them. Something which is very doom with all it's cultural zeitgeist and non-explicit references. Some parts are even surpassing both original Doom 2 and the Doom itself, some levels are legitimately artistically and technically great. And the final level is somewhat improved, with dumb puzzles, cyberdemon fight, and icon of sin (yes, again) being more combat heavy and sensible. I was on the verge of recommending it, but this release crashes in one place, and it doesn't display evilution text screens, instead it just uses plutonia ones, so you will never see the story of this add-on.

They tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. Some great stuff is spoiled with bad parts, after which it's ruined by the release, and on top of that there is the plutonia's dead weight.

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